Whether it’s your own design, a loved one’s signature or a note from a friend, we know that wearing your story looks different on everyone. That’s why we’re offering a Custom Design option to use on jewelry AND cups. So, put your penmanship to the test or create something online, and start wearing your unique story today.

Digital Custom Designs

  1. Create your own logo or design
  2. OR purchase the rights to a design
  3. Make sure it is black & white
  4. Export the design as a PNG or JPG
  5. Upload to “Custom Design” option
  6. Preview and adjust image as needed

Handwritten Custom Designs

  1. Take a picture of the handwriting with your phone
  2. Lighten image by editing it
  3. Save the image
  4. Upload to “Custom Design” option
  5. Preview and adjust image as needed

Shop Custom Design

Helpful Hints:

– Use apps like Over, Canva or Word Swag to create your designs.
– Check your image’s pixel size on a desktop by right clicking on the image, selecting properties, and then details. (The pixel size should be at least 700x700px for cups and 400x500px for jewelry)
– We don’t recommend screenshots of images, they’re often too small.
– Do not use gray scale images or too low of resolution. If it’s pixelating on your preview, it will not work.
– Thicker lines are best for handwritten items.

Do Not Upload:

– Designs/images taken off the internet
– Designs/logos that have a copyright
– Any item you did not create or personally purchase the rights for