End of June Clarification

  • ALL Boutiques MUST be closed and submitted by 11:59pm PT on June 26 – the Boutique Order option will not be available again until after National Conference.
  • If you are going for Power of 4 or Power of 4+, please make sure you have your Boutiques submitted by the 26th.
  • May/June Starter Collection BONUS – *UPDATE* your new recruits from May & June have until the end of June to reach $500+ in QV, not just until June 26th. Yay!!! If your recruit from May/June reaches $500 QV by the end of the month, you and the new recruit will get $50 in Bloom Bucks added to your account in July to shop the new catalog.
  • You have until the end of June to reach your Leadership Retreat qualification points and recruit numbers.
  • You have until the end of June to qualify for Empower 4.
  • The Shasta Earrings will still be available – July…while supplies last.
  • Sign up for National Conference in your back office under Event Registration!!!