Kara Ring Update


We’ve had WAY too many issues with the “wear” of the Kara ring. Some were ok or even liked how it wore but overall it was NOT as we expected. The “shine” on the ring caused an issue.

We were finally able to get it reproduced in a color close to the original, just without the shine. You or ANY customer who would like a replacement can put in a return and we will send out a brand new one.The return is a little tricky…. so you can find the details below.

For the Kara ring Return/Exchange…

To process a return exchange you will need to know the order number – this can be found in your order history.For the return/exchange process you will:

1. Click on “place an order”

2. Click on “returns”

3. Click on “Create new pending return”

4. Type in the order number and click “Lookup”

5. Choose the customer and click “Select”

6. This will generate her items. You will then click in the first drop down next to that item and choose “Exchange for a different item”

7. Then choose “Wrong item ordered”

8. There will be a text box to the right that you will fill the new item. Start the item with C20-40D then click “Add”

9. Personalize and then click “Add to Cart”

10. Please make note at the bottom of the screen in regards the return.

You then come to the shipping screen and confirm that the name and address is correct for shipping – click “save and continue”. The next two screens are formalities to enter CC info.

This is in the instance that we will need credit or charge for the item if it is of lesser or more value. We do NOT charge shipping so please disregard that charge.

You are creating a pending return, so nothing is processed at the time. We will run a report and process it for you.

Thank you for your patience and please call the office with ANY questions.