PermaLinx Shipping Holiday Pricing

To help during the holidays, we are reducing the price on the PERMALINX 2-DAY SHIPPING from 12.99 down to 10.99.

We have worked with Fed Ex to secure this guaranteed 2 day delivery and the lower rate thru December only.

There have been some issues with PermaLinx orders being lost with USPS so we wanted to provide a better alternative.

You can absolutely still ship USPS for $6.99, we just wanted to provide another option at a little better price than before.

PLEASE NOTE – if you are wanting to do this on a PERMALINX PRE-ORDER EVENT, then you will need to CALL OR EMAIL the office AS SOON AS YOU PLACE THE ORDER.

  • If you wait even a few hours, the item may already be shipped.  So please email ( as soon as you place the order with the Order # you want to have shipped using the 2-day option.