How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

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At PermaLinx by jBloom, we genuinely care about bringing joy into people’s lives in so many ways — through social connections, personal fulfillment, financial success, and so much more.

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What’s in the
Starter Collection?

Inside the Collection:

The PermaLinx starter collection is the essential resource for anyone just beginning their business adventure in permanent jewelry. 

You can start your permanent jewelry business with our PermaLinx starter collection. This includes pairing with an expert designer to guide you through permanent jewelry training, as well as essential materials to get you started:

Why Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is joined together permanently instead of secured with a clasp. They come in a variety of styles including bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and more.

People love permanent
jewelry because:

  • It’s a great way to mark a special occasion or milestone in their life
  • They can express their personal style
  • They want to avoid the hassle of taking their jewelry off and on all the time

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How to Get Started with jBloom

Starting a jewelry business with PermaLinx is simple. First, you enroll as a designer through our website. Then you’ll need to purchase your PermaLinx starter collection that includes marketing materials and samples for you to get started. 

 To qualify as a PermaLinx designer, you don’t need prior experience in jewelry or sales — just passion and dedication! We pair all new designers with a veteran mentor designer and provide all the training and resources to get you up and running. Our team is with you every step of the way!

Invest in YOUR Future

Take the leap by starting your own permanent jewelry
business with jBloom today.

Starting a jewelry business with jBloom is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking for financial growth, creative satisfaction, work-life balance, and bringing joy into people’s lives. 

With PermaLinx by jBloom’s built-in support system and red-hot products, there's potential for real, tangible success.

PermaLinx Bracelet FAQs

PermaLinx is a permanent bracelet/anklet that is custom fitted to you! PermaLinx bracelets/anklets give you the permanent, seamless, no clasp look at an affordable price!
No, the bracelet is connected with a small, secure link to give you the permanent, seamless, no clasp look.
Each PermaLinx bracelet starts at only $35, unlike other costly options ranging from $60-$200+. PermaLinx Anklets begin at only $45 and PermaLinx Necklaces begin at only $65. All PermaLinx items have many different chain options.
Yes! They will fit ankles up to 11". The PermaLinx Anklets begin at only $45 with many different chain options.
We offer Silver Stainless, Gold Stainless, Rose Gold Stainless and Black Stainless. Both options are made for everyday wear, won’t tarnish, won’t fade or change color. It can withstand showering, swimming, sweating and any other everyday activity.
Contact your jBloom Designer to schedule a Permalinx Boutique or set up an in person appointment. The Designer will come to you to host a boutique with close family and friends.
jBloom does not stand behind or recommend adding additional pieces, chains, charms, etc. to our PermaLinx chains. We appreciate Designers following these instructions so we can keep up the integrity and good reputation of our permanent bracelets and anklets. PermaLinx specific charms are the exception as they have been tested and made for this line of jewelry.
A PermaLinx Boutique is a social event, and its time range can vary based on how many attendees are present. Each bracelet takes between 3-6 minutes to put on. Set a personal appointment for approx 15 minutes each or set up a boutique with friends for 1-2hrs.
We guarantee all of our products, and PermaLinx is no exception! We do not expect any issues, but if something does arise, please reach out to your Designer who applied the PermaLinx, and they will be happy to assist you.
PermaLinx Bracelets are simple to remove. Use a pair of scissors to simply cut it off.
Yes! PermaLinx makes an awesome gift. Since getting you PermaLinx is an in-person experience, make your appointment in advance, and request a certificate from your Designer.
Yes, TSA doesn't ask you to remove your delicate jewelry. PermaLinx bracelets are made of stainless steel, which will not set off metal detectors or other security devices.
Absolutely! We have a simple, easy system that can get you a new PermaLinx business up and running in no time. Purchase your starter collection for only $175 and your entire collection paid back with your first 5 bracelets sold.
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