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Affordable Permanent Jewelry Nearby From PermaLinx

November 12, 2023

Permanent jewelry has taken the world by storm and has gone from a simple fashion trend inspired by TikTok to a robust industry. While there are a number of different brands on the market, the PermaLinx collection was designed to last for individuals with active lifestyles and to be as affordable as possible.

If you are looking for permanent jewelry nearby, PermaLinx has the solutions you’re looking for — including the ability to start your very own jewelry business.

What Makes PermaLinx Different From Other Brands?

While there are plenty of permanent jewelry brands online that offer both accessories for sale and business opportunities for selling it, PermaLinx offers a unique approach:

Beautiful Permanent Jewelry Without Welding 

Unlike many other permanent jewelry brands, each piece of the PermaLinx collection can be put on without the use of a welding machine. Rather than relying on equipment that costs thousands of dollars, PermaLinx trains designers how to connect jewelry with simple tools such as flat-nose pliers and high-end cutters to ensure a perfect fit for each customer. 

Durable Metals 

Many permanent jewelry brands use expensive metals such as gold or silver for their collections, which can lead to much higher prices and may be impacted by discoloration over time. PermaLinx pieces are made of beautiful stainless metals that last for decades and are safe for showering, swimming, and sweating.

Guaranteed to Last 

The jBloom team believes permanent jewelry should last a lifetime. In the rare event that any piece breaks, PermaLinx guarantees to replace it. Other brands typically require a fee for replacement.


Permanent jewelry costs can vary depending on the brand. PermaLinx bracelets from this collection cost $35 and anklets are $45. Jewelry from the PermaLinx collection offers an affordable yet durable alternative to more expensive options. 

From Customer to PermaLinx Designer 

While individual pieces of the PermaLinx collection are available to purchase as gifts, we also offer the opportunity for customers to start their own PermaLinx business. When you invest in the starter collection for only $175, you receive all the necessary training and tools needed to succeed.

It’s a low-risk opportunity, as well as designers that sell five bracelets make back their initial costs of the starter collection. As a PermaLinx designer, you also get to decide how to run your business, whether via boutiques (small-group parties) or one-on-one appointments. It’s an excellent opportunity to enter a new career field with an economical start-up cost. 

The Best Permanent Jewelry Nearby From PermaLinx 

Permanent jewelry is unique and can be a beautiful addition to any personal style. PermaLinx has a reputation for providing stunning jewelry and excellent service. If you are searching for permanent jewelry nearby, get connected with a PermaLinx designer for assistance. 

Are you looking to purchase a gift from PermaLinx or have questions on how to become a Designer? Submit your contact information here and get in touch with a designer today.