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Finding the Best Permanent Bracelet in Dallas

January 14, 2024

Start your very own jewelry business in one of the top ten largest cities in the nation with help from jBloom. Whenever people want to find a permanent bracelet, Dallas is one place where they can get everything they need thanks to PermaLinx designers

How Is PermaLinx Different? 

A current trend on social media is sharing stories about getting “zapped” when they buy permanent jewelry. These bracelets, anklets, and necklaces are put on by a professional using an expensive machine. 

But with PermaLinx, designers use specialty hand tools to connect the jewelry, giving each customer a perfect fit. They can meet you for a one-on-one appointment or host boutiques where you and your friends can socialize, explore the collection, and get “linked” together. The process only takes a few minutes, but the results last a lifetime. 

Save Money AND Enjoy Premium Quality 

The prices for permanent jewelry prices vary from brand to brand. If you search for a permanent bracelet in Dallas, jewelers tend to charge $50 to $200 or more per accessory. PermaLinx, however, wants to make permanent jewelry affordable, so we’ve created our collection to provide durable, beautiful jewelry at a cost most can afford. Each bracelet is $35 and anklets are $45, but their sentimental value is priceless. 

Become a PermaLinx Designer 

One thing that sets PermaLinx apart from the competition is the opportunity for customers to open their own jewelry businesses. Even without sales or small business experience, PermaLinx opens the door for aspiring entrepreneurs to get training and become equipped with all the tools, strategies, and support to be successful. 

All you need to get started is the PermaLinx starter collection, which includes the equipment and samples you need to become a professional jewelry designer. We’ll also match you with an experienced mentor who will guide you through the steps to getting your business off the ground. 

All our designers receive a professional website to help place and track orders for their customers. jBloom will maintain the website for $11.99 per month with an optional newsletter to keep in touch with your customers for an additional $4.99 per month. 

Selling a Product People Trust 

With a great price point, PermaLinx enables more people to have beautiful jewelry that’s made to last. People across the country love the collection because of qualities such as: 

Durable Stainless Metal 

All PermaLinx products are made of a high-quality stainless alloy available in gold, silver, and rose gold colors. The metal won’t fade or tarnish and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. If a piece breaks or becomes lost, we’ll fix it or replace it.

Goes With You Everywhere

Jewelry from PermaLinx is strong enough to weather even your toughest challenges, whether you’re swimming, working out, or traveling around the world. Our pieces are TSA approved, allowing you to breeze through airport security.

Customizable Charm 

We offer a variety of classic styles of bracelets, anklets, and necklaces for customers to choose from. You can also customize your pieces with unique charms that give you the chance to tell your story to the world. 

Permanent Bracelets With Dallas Professionals 

When you become a PermaLinx designer, you join a community of passionate entrepreneurs ready to take on the fashion industry. Whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash or launch a new career, PermaLinx may be the answer you’re looking for.

Most of our designers began their journey as happy customers. If you want a taste of success, the time to take the leap to become a professional jeweler is now. 

Ready to start your small permanent jewelry business? Submit a contact form today.

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