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Forever Gold Bracelet Near Me: PermaLinx Edition

January 8, 2024

Over 46% of people searching for jewelry want the metal to be gold. When people google “forever gold bracelet near me,” there are plenty of good reasons why your search brings you directly to PermaLinx by jBloom

When you invest in the PermaLinx collection, you get more than a beautiful gold accessory — you get the chance to start a whole new career in the jewelry business.

The Gold Standard of Jewelry 

Permanent jewelry lives up to its name because it’s crafted of strong, durable, stainless metals. Everything from the PermaLinx collection is made to withstand the test of time and endure even the harshest of elements. On the rare chance that something happens and your bracelet breaks or is lost, your designer is ready to help get you a replacement. 

A Collection Ready for Anything 

Regardless of the cost, everything you buy is an investment. When purchasing a forever gold bracelet from PermaLinx, you get the most value for your money. Every accessory is made of water-resistant stainless metal that is connected with an innovative method that’s guaranteed to stay with you wherever you go. 

What Makes PermaLinx Different From the Competition? 

Other brands offer forever jewelry that requires welding in order to be attached. Welded permanent accessories take longer to attach and may require removal during travel. While there’s nothing wrong with getting “zapped,” it tends to be more expensive. And if you’re interested in starting your own permanent jewelry business, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy new welding machine. 

Thankfully, there’s a better way with PermaLinx. Instead of a heavy, pricy welder, PermaLinx designers use specialty hand tools to connect each piece permanently to your wrist or ankle. While it takes at least 15 minutes to have jewelry welded, your bracelet is ready after 3 to 6 minutes with a perfect fit made just for you. 

How to Become a PermaLinx Designer 

A majority of designers with PermaLinx are former customers who wanted to take control of their careers and start their own small businesses. Our starter collection comes with free training as well as all the necessary tools to develop your skills with forever fashion accessories. 

One of our veteran designers will guide you along your journey and answer any questions you may have throughout the process of launching and running your permanent jewelry business.

Is the Collection Expensive?

The PermaLinx starter collection is more affordable than most other brands’ individual pieces. The entire collection is $175, and after selling your first five bracelets, you’ll make your investment back.

PermaLinx bracelets are $35 and anklets are $45, while other brands’ costs range from $50-$200. On top of saving money, PermaLinx can also make you money.

Start As a Customer, Grow Into a Boss 

Once you finish your training, you’ll have new skills to help you take on the fashion industry. Whether you are a social butterfly and want to showcase the collection to the groups or prefer a more personal, one-on-one interaction, you get to decide how to run your new business.

Find a Forever Gold Bracelet Near Me With PermaLinx

When you set your goal of finding a forever gold bracelet near me, PermaLinx has the solutions — as well as a new career opportunity. Whether you’re new to the field or have a lifelong passion for style, we’ll make sure you’re ready to succeed. 

Ready to start your career in the fashion industry? Submit your contact form here and order your starter collection.

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