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How to Become An Expert on Permanent Jewelry in Nashville 

January 20, 2024

The Music City of the United States is full of joy and experiences year-round; permanent jewelry allows people to carry those memories with them forever. PermaLinx designers change people’s lives every day by giving them accessories that showcase their style with ease. 

What Makes Jewelry Permanent? 

Sometimes, when brands make claims of something lasting forever, it is common to be a bit hesitant. The PermaLinx collection comprises stainless metals built to last through day-to-day wear and tear and beyond. All bracelets and anklets are water/sweat resistant as well as TSA-approved. 

The Process 

Some brands use heavy welding machines to connect their pieces, and people call that process getting zapped. Rather than spending 15-30 minutes trying to put on your new jewelry, PermaLinx makes the process simple with high-end pliers and a cutter. By clasping the ends together, the designer has your jewelry ready within 3-6 minutes and ensures a perfect fit every time. 

What Happens If a Piece Breaks?

In the worst-case scenario, if something were to happen to your new favorite accessory, your designer would replace your bracelet or anklet if the incident happened in the first six months. 

If you need the jewelry removed, just cut the jewelry off with a pair of scissors. 

The Permanent Jewelry Trend 

Permanent/Forever jewelry initially entered the fashion world in the late 1960s, and permanent accessories resurfaced over the last decade. Thanks to social media, forever bracelets and anklets are more than just a trend. People of all ages want their pieces forever, and a permanent accessory allows them to wear their stories. 

How Does Someone Become A Designer?

One thing that makes PermaLinx stand out against the competition is the opportunity to start a new career in the fashion industry. Even individuals without any prior sales experience have the potential to transform their experience from beginner to expert. All you need to get started is the PermaLinx collection. 

Free training and tools are all included. New designers connect with gold-level designers to enroll in courses and get tips on how to bring your business to life. PermaLinx consists of a community that believes in support and sisterhood. If you have questions throughout your journey, your mentor is only a call or email away. 

Finishing Training and Starting Your Career

Once you feel comfortable with the materials and finish your training, it is time to make your first sale. Whether you meet with clients one-on-one or in larger groups is completely up to you. PermaLinx boutiques are parties that last 1-2 hours, where you show off the collection and your customers get to know you and your business. 

Creating a Legacy with Permanent Jewelry: Nashville 

Whether you call Nashville home or you are a frequent visitor, becoming a permanent jewelry professional allows you to stay in control of your work. With PermaLinx by jBloom, anything is possible when you take that first step and submit your contact form. 

Are you ready to take the next step in your fashion industry adventure? Get your starter collection today for only $175.

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