Learn How to Get Started With Permanent Jewelry

Learn How to Get Started With Permanent Jewelry

September 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to get started with permanent jewelry? PermaLinx by jBloom provides top-notch training and long-term support as you start your permanent jewelry business. After completing your initial training, your business can bloom even without prior sales experience. 

Joining the PermaLinx community connects you with industry professionals who share your entrepreneurial mindset. Getting connected can be done by ordering your PermaLinx Starter Collection.

Resources for PermaLinx Designers 

As a part of the PermaLinx community, you are granted access to different resources to meet your business needs. These resources include:

Coaching and Webinars

If you are still trying to figure out how to get started with permanent jewelry after your first course, rest assured that the PermaLinx community is here to help. Experienced designers offer one-on-one coaching and free webinars so you can expand your knowledge and build your confidence.

Leadership Events 

Ready to enhance your leadership skills and coach new members of the community? Attend leadership events to hear from professionals in the field and learn how to get started with permanent jewelry.

Attend Our National Conference

Every year, we host a national conference for our designers to network and share success stories. Whether you are a new designer or have years of experience, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from and connect with the community.

The PermaLinx Starter Collection 

Opening your new business can be both fun and straightforward, thanks to the PermaLinx starter collection. When going through the application process for PermaLinx by jBloom, you will be enrolled in your training course and connected to a current designer. 

The start-up cost for the collection is $175. This kit includes everything you need for your first PermaLinx boutique. The starter collection includes:

  • Four practice bracelets 
  • Two flat-nose pliers 
  • 20 extra jump rings
  • One high-end cutter 
  • 12 bracelets of different styles 

After selling your first five bracelets, you would have made back your initial $175 investment.

PermaLinx Boutiques and Solo Appointments 

Celebrate your new business when you host your very own PermaLinx boutique. Depending on the number of attendees, your event can last between 1-2 hours. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the PermaLinx catalog to your customers. If you want more of an intimate interaction with your customers, you can easily schedule a solo appointment. One-on-one sessions typically last 15 minutes. 

Why PermaLinx Permanent Jewelry?

PermaLinx jewelry is a type of custom-fitted bracelet or anklet that does not have a clasp. The stylish chains are made of stainless steel, gold stainless steel, rose gold stainless steel, or black stainless steel. The jewelry can be personalized with charms, initials, or other special messages.

People love PermaLinx jewelry because:

  • It’s comfortable to wear and does not come loose or get caught on things
  • It’s made of high-quality materials that will not tarnish or rust
  • It’s water-resistant and can be worn in the shower or pool
  • It’s a unique and personalized way to express yourself

Let Your Dreams Bloom With PermaLinx 

Even without prior sales experience, you can learn how to get started with permanent jewelry. Your career goals are within your grasp, thanks to PermaLinx by jBloom. Start your business with confidence and take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey. 

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