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Looking for Welded-on Bracelets? Try PermaLinx Instead

November 14, 2023

Are you shopping around for a welded-on bracelet for yourself or a special someone this holiday season? PermaLinx has mastered the art of permanent jewelry without needing a permanent jewelry welder. 

How? PermaLinx designers are trained to provide the perfect fit for each customer so they can confidently showcase their style. Read on to learn how you can become a permanent jewelry designer.

Why People Love Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is far more than a social media trend — based on recent growth, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. This type of jewelry comes in different forms, such as bracelets and anklets, and various colors to match anyone’s sense of fashion. 

The many benefits of permanent jewelry include:

Reduced Hassle 

Sometimes, when getting ready for work or an event, finding the right jewelry for each outfit can be challenging. In worst-case scenarios, your favorite pieces will go missing, or you resort to finding them later. Permanent jewelry reduces the hassle of taking on and off the different pieces that you enjoy wearing the most. 

Great for Active Lifestyles

On top of being safe to wear in the shower, the PermaLinx collection has been made with customers with active lifestyles in mind. Whether you find yourself swimming or love the gym, your PermaLinx collection will stay with you wherever you go. 

Showing Commitment 

Many PermaLinx customers invest in their pieces to show a commitment to someone special in their lives. The PermaLinx collection makes excellent gifts for friends, significant others, and beloved family members.

Why People Love PermaLinx 

People love the PermaLinx collection for a variety of reasons. Both customers and designers tell us why they find our permanent jewelry so compelling: 


PermaLinx created a collection that is both stunning and affordable. Usually, when people search “welded-on bracelet near me,” they will see a variety of brands and prices. Permanent jewelry often costs between $100, $200, and (lots) more, but with PermaLinx, you can purchase a bracelet for only $35 and an anklet for as little as $45.

Beautiful Stainless Metals  

The collection is available in gold and silver stainless so they can match any style. Our metals are durable, won’t stain or discolor, and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Career Opportunities 

jBloom does far more than provide beautiful and affordable permanent jewelry. PermaLinx allows individuals who are passionate about the fashion industry to turn their love for jewelry into a career. 

For only $175, you can get the complete PermaLinx starter collection with the necessary tools to start your own permanent jewelry business. This includes free training and can be done without prior sales experience or any expensive welding equipment.

Invest in Your Future With PermaLinx

PermaLinx was designed to give everyday people the opportunity to feel confident and express themselves through their jewelry. Both customers and designers are able to benefit from the joy that each piece of the collection provides. 

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry for the perfect gift, get connected with a current Designer, and they will help you find the right piece for your loved ones.Do you have a passion for entrepreneurship and fashion and are looking for a career change? Submit your contact form here and get your starter collection today.

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