micro welder for permanent jewelry

Micro Welder for Permanent Jewelry: Is There a Better Way?

November 3, 2023

Though many jewelry enthusiasts are fascinated by the craft of permanent jewelry, far fewer understand the tools necessary to make their passion a reality. One distinguished piece of technology that has long held the spotlight is the micro welder for permanent jewelry.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the use of the micro welder for permanent jewelry work. We’ll discuss what sets them apart from other welding machines and the challenges they present, as well as introduce you to what might be the most innovative alternative the industry has ever seen.

Using the Micro Welder for Permanent Jewelry

A micro welder, as its name implies, is a welding machine specifically created to carry out exceptionally small and precise welds. These devices are valued for their supreme accuracy and are often used in making beautiful jewelry and other delicate things that need to last a long time. These machines have the capability to create welds with pinpoint accuracy, which makes them ideal for delicate and detailed tasks.

The Micro Welder Vs. Other Welders

What makes a micro welder different from its larger counterparts? There are several main differences to consider:


Micro welders are designed specifically for delicate and intricate tasks, like creating permanent jewelry. In contrast, regular welders are specifically built to handle bigger and sturdier welding tasks, such as those found in the construction and manufacturing industries.


Precision welding is where micro welders truly shine. Their ability to generate extremely focused heat is crucial for crafting small, delicate jewelry components. On the other hand, regular welders tend to be less precise and produce a greater amount of heat.


When it comes to welding techniques, micro welders often rely on specialized methods such as pulse arc welding. These methods are great for achieving the level of control and precision required for delicate tasks. Regular welders employ a variety of techniques in their craft, most of which would be unfit for permanent jewelry.

Challenges of the Micro Welder for Permanent Jewelry

Although micro welders for permanent jewelry are known for their exceptional precision, they do present certain challenges:


Operating a micro welder typically requires specialized training. The operator’s expertise is crucial in achieving professional results without injury.


Micro welders are on the pricier side due to their sophisticated technology and precise capabilities. The high expense, unfortunately, acts as an insurmountable obstacle for many would-be permanent jewelry designers.


Micro welders come in compact and portable sizes, while larger models might not be as convenient to transport.


To effectively use a micro welder, a thorough knowledge of the device’s settings and parameters is crucial. The outcome of the jewelry — and often the safety of the user — is dependent on this knowledge.

PermaLinx: The Superior Method for Permanent Jewelry

If the thought of using a micro welder for permanent jewelry sounds like a hefty investment in cost, time, and effort, we’ve got good news for you. jBloom is proud to present an innovative and budget-friendly alternative that’s safer, easier, and more accessible than any other method: PermaLinx.

With the PermaLinx starter collection, you’ll have everything you need to create beautiful permanent jewelry anywhere you go. Using a securable link mechanism, PermaLinx renders the micro welder for permanent jewelry obsolete. And, unlike the multi-thousand-dollar price tag attached to welding equipment, you can start your own permanent jewelry business today for a mere $175. 

Kickstart your permanent jewelry venture today with PermaLinx. We’ll provide you with all the essential training and resources you need to craft a stunning piece for every client. Say goodbye to the complexities of microwelding and embrace a new kind of permanent jewelry. Join the movement. Get your starter collection today.