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PermaLinx: The Best Forever Bracelets Near You 

November 18, 2023

Do you remember growing up and making friendship bracelets for your best friends? Those mementos may be long gone, but now there’s a new way to commemorate the people you love the most: forever bracelets! 

Permanent jewelry pieces are a great way to show appreciation for the essential friends and family in your life. They’re also a great way to start your own career in the fashion industry. Partnering with PermaLinx is an excellent opportunity to share your passion for beautiful jewelry with your community.

What Makes Permanent Jewelry Special?

Permanent jewelry has taken the world by storm in the last few years. People are looking for stylish ways to express themselves and reduce the hassle of getting ready and picking out the right accessory for your outfit. It can also represent a commitment to yourself or a loved one and be a constant reminder of that connection. 

PermaLinx Vs. the Competition 

When people search for “forever bracelets near me,” they will find the PermaLinx collection. While other brands weld their pieces together with expensive equipment (which comes with a higher price tag), PermaLinx designers are trained to connect the bracelets and anklets without using a welding machine. 

Jewelry aficionados love PermaLinx bracelets, necklaces, and anklets for a variety of reasons, including:

Hard to Break and Harder to Lose 

Have you ever broken or lost one of your favorite pieces of jewelry? If something happens to your PermaLinx bracelet or anklet, your designer will gladly help you replace it. 

Stylish Colors That Last

The PermaLinx collection is available in silver and gold stainless steel to meet everyone’s personal style choices. Each piece resists tarnishing or fading and is designed to last even when exposed to water and sweat, so you can rest assured your favorite jewelry remains vibrant. 

Custom Fit for Every Customer

Every piece of the PermaLinx collection is connected to each customer for a just-right fit. Rather than having a piece welded that may end up uncomfortable, professional PermaLinx designers cut each piece to the perfect size. 


Permanent jewelry prices can vary from brand to brand. Sometimes, pieces can be costly and difficult to find. PermaLinx wants every customer to feel confident with their favorite accessories. Bracelets from the PermaLinx collection are $35, and anklets start at $45. 

Opportunities From PermaLinx

PermaLinx is comprised of a community of entrepreneurs who have a passion for success in the fashion industry. Anyone can become a PermaLinx designer, even without prior sales or permanent jewelry experience. 

Everything you need to start your own permanent jewelry business can be found in the PermaLinx starter collection. The collection can be purchased for $175 and includes tools and training to start your business. jBloom connects beginners with a veteran designer to guide them through the process. 

Forever Bracelets Near Me: PermaLinx by jBloom 

Every journey has to start somewhere. When searching for permanent jewelry, it’s important to invest in a brand that is stylish and aligns with your values. PermaLinx is here to assist you with your permanent jewelry needs, from purchasing specific pieces to launching your career in the exciting world of jewelry design and sales. 

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