permanent jewelry bracelet welder

Permanent Jewelry Bracelet Welder … Or Something Better?

November 6, 2023

Permanent jewelry is a fast-growing trend in the fashion industry and can become a lucrative business with the right tools and networking. While some individuals think they need to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a permanent jewelry bracelet welder, jBloom alleviates some of that pressure with the PermaLinx starter collection.

This kit for both beginning and experienced designers includes everything you need in order to start your permanent jewelry business without a welder. 

Why Get the Starter Collection?

The starter collection from PermaLinx was designed to help you succeed right out of the gate. It includes all the tools necessary for you to go from beginner to permanent jewelry pro, and here is how:

Mentorship and Training 

As a new PermaLinx designer, you will be introduced to a veteran designer. They will assist you in your training and guide you through the ins and outs of the permanent jewelry business. If you buy now, the training course comes free with your starter collection as a bonus to your initial $175 investment. 

Professional Website 

Are you concerned about the costs of starting a jewelry business? jBloom wants you to be able to follow your dreams without breaking the bank or expensive machines like a permanent jewelry bracelet welder. PermaLinx will provide you with a user-friendly website to track and sell orders for $11.99 per month — and your first month is free! An optional monthly newsletter to be sent to clients is also available for an additional $4.99.

Permanent Jewelry Tools 

While you are completing your training course, you will learn how to properly use each of the tools in your starter collection. These tools include:

  • Four practice bracelets to develop your skills
  • Two flat nose pliers to connect bracelets for your clients
  • One effective cutter helps ensure a perfect fit
  • 20 extra jump rings for when your business grows
  • 12 bracelet styles for you to display to clients

How to Run Your Business

Once you finish your training, it is time to get your business running. As a PermaLinx designer, you are able to choose how you run your enterprise. Whether you want to have personal one-on-one appointments or to host significant events — or both — is entirely up to you. 

When planning your process, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Putting on jewelry takes 3 to 6 minutes
  • Personal appointments are usually 15 minutes long
  • PermaLinx boutiques (social events) will vary depending on the attendees
  • Your business gets to grow at your pace
  • After selling five bracelets, you make back your initial investment

Join the Industry Without a Permanent Jewelry Bracelet Welder

PermaLinx believes in giving people the opportunity to succeed. When you purchase your starter collection, you join a well-connected network of like-minded entrepreneurs. If you have questions, your mentor will be able to guide you throughout the process. Your success is right around the corner once you partner with PermaLinx.
Are you ready to get started with your career in the permanent jewelry industry? Submit your contact form here to get your very own starter collection.

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