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The Alternative to Soldered Bracelets

November 10, 2023

Have you seen soldered bracelets on social media and are interested in permanent jewelry? While they have become popular recently, they can be expensive and require the right tools in order to prepare them for customers.

If you were to search “solder bracelet near me” on Google, various permanent jewelry brands appear in the results. PermaLinx has become the gold standard, so to speak, of offering a uniquely crafted collection of the finest stainless metal jewelry. 

Now you can learn the skills needed to start your own permanent jewelry business.

Did You Know?

Permanent jewelry was introduced to the fashion industry in the late 1960s and was intended to represent love and how it can keep an individual up at night. While it disappeared from the limelight for a few decades, everything changed in 2020.

People searched for ways to showcase their personal style and their commitment to individuality. In September 2023, permanent jewelry was recognized by Time magazine as an official industry that is here to stay with its rising popularity. What may have been considered a temporary trend has transformed into a lasting phenomenon. 

Why Do People Love Permanent Jewelry?

The concept of permanence has been popular since ancient times. Having something special that lasts a lifetime offers a deeper meaning and a magical appeal to those looking for an extra special way to express themselves or commemorate a moment. Some of the main motivations people have for buying permanent jewelry include:

  • Developing and presenting their personal style
  • Representing a particular person or life event
  • Reducing the hassle of choosing or investing in accessories
  • Long-lasting stylish accessories that work for any occasion

What Makes the PermaLinx Collection Special?

Beautiful jewelry can help someone feel more confident thanks to the right accessory that fits into their style. PermaLinx designed a collection that is gorgeous, long-lasting, and, most importantly, affordable. 

Soldered bracelets require special welding equipment to attach to a person’s wrist, ankle, or neck. While these unique devices work well, they are also very expensive and require special training to be able to use properly and safely. 

The PermaLinx collection, however, provides an easier and more affordable approach to permanent jewelry. Selling our pieces offers several advantages, including:

Lower Costs

Soldering equipment for bracelets and other jewelry pieces can cost thousands of dollars, making it difficult for many entrepreneurs to get started. Customers can expect to pay $150 or more per bracelet — even without any personalizations or changes to the base product. Bracelets from PermaLinx start at $35, and the investment in our starter collection is only $175.

Durable Metals 

PermaLinx offers a variety of jewelry pieces made of different colors of stainless metals that never fade or rust. They can be worn while showering, swimming, or exercising without worry, and are TSA approved as safe for travel. 

Full Business Support

With jBloom on your side, you get all the support you need to get started and operate your own permanent jewelry business. In addition to the convenience starter collection, we provide free training and coaching as well as the online tools you need to run your business effectively.

PermaLinx: Better Than Solder Bracelets

PermaLinx wants you to feel confident and equipped to start your own permanent jewelry business. Submit your contact information here to get your very own starter collection from PermaLinx by jBloom and begin your journey to an exciting new career in the fashion industry.

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