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The Key to Your Permanent Jewelry Start-Up

September 8, 2023

Are you a dreamer? A creator? What about an aspiring entrepreneur? Have you ever imagined transforming your love for jewelry into a thriving business? 

The time has come to turn your dream into a reality — and with jBloom’s PermaLinx starter collection, it’s more affordable than ever before.

The innovative minds at jBloom have invented the perfect way to set your own permanent jewelry start-up on the road to success. We call it PermaLinx — the permanent jewelry made for everyone.

The Magic Behind PermaLinx

Imagine a world where elegance is effortless and beauty is affordable. This optimistic vision was the foundation of PermaLinx, a groundbreaking new style of permanent jewelry brought to you by jBloom. Unlike traditional methods, which involve costly equipment and intricate welding, PermaLinx offers a simpler way to achieve the same elegant look.

So, how does PermaLinx work? It all hinges on a secure, discrete link. Once it’s closed, your permanent bracelet or anklet is attached with the same strength and durability as a welded piece. The money your permanent jewelry start-up would have spent on expensive equipment and supplies can go back into your pocket. Meanwhile, you can price your customized pieces in a far more affordable range.

PermaLinx: The Heart of Your Permanent Jewelry Start-Up

The PermaLinx collection is jBloom’s premier selection of bracelets, anklets and necklaces designed for permanent application. All of our pieces are made with high-quality stainless steel, giving them a timeless and versatile look. These pieces are strong and tarnish-resistant, offering lasting beauty for years of use. Plus, they come in a variety of style options: gold, silver, black and our brand-new rose gold selection.

PermaLinx allows your permanent jewelry start-up to offer long-lasting, seamless jewelry without breaking the bank. So get ready to design (and sell) with confidence that you can make a profit after five or six sales.

Craft Your Own Permanent Jewelry Start-Up

Starting your own jewelry business can be just as easy as it is fulfilling with jBloom’s affordable PermaLinx starter collection. For $175, you’ll have access to the necessary tools and resources to get your business up and running. Inside, you’ll find implements, materials, practice pieces, and more. Once you’ve sold five of the bracelets in your kit, your kit has paid for itself. 

Let Your Jewelry Business Bloom

Your partners at jBloom will provide more than the right equipment — we’ll present you with a comprehensive system to promote your success as a local PermaLinx designer. Beyond your one-time starter kit, you can have access to our premier business suite — an online shop of your own where you can showcase your designs, take pre-orders, schedule events, find marketing material and connect with your community. 

Wear Your Story With jBloom PermaLinx

Ready to tap into your inner entrepreneur and turn your love for jewelry into a successful business endeavor? jBloom is excited to help you kick things off. Discover the power of PermaLinx to take your permanent jewelry start-up to the next level.