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Want Permanent Jewelry Classes Near Me? There’s a Better Way

September 19, 2023

Have you been eagerly searching for “permanent jewelry classes near me” because you’re just itching to dive into the world of permanent jewelry crafting? Believe us, we understand the enthusiasm — and we’re here to tell you that there’s a quicker, smarter, and more affordable way to start your permanent jewelry business!

Introducing the PermaLinx starter collection, a comprehensive kit that will kickstart your journey. Say goodbye to costly classes and equipment and embrace a hassle-free learning experience for your new jewelry business.

Why Look for Permanent Jewelry Classes Near Me?

So, you’re excited to learn the art of permanent jewelry crafting, and you’re looking to learn more. The unfortunate truth is that learning how to craft traditional jewelry the conventional way often comes with a hefty price tag in terms of both time and money. Typically, these opportunities demand a strict schedule, travel, and a substantial financial commitment.

Although these classes can offer valuable insights, they may not be the ideal choice for everyone, especially if you prefer a more flexible and budget-friendly approach. The PermaLinx starter collection is designed to help you kickstart your creative journey without having to spend a fortune on classes. 

The PermaLinx Starter Collection: Your All-In-One Solution

The PermaLinx starter collection’s comprehensive package includes:

1. A Versatile Three-Piece Permanent Jewelry Tool Set

Craftsmanship begins with the right tools, and our starter collection provides you with a versatile three-piece tool set. This set includes everything you need to make stunning permanent jewelry the PermaLinx way.

2. Twelve Distinct Permanent Bracelet Styles

Starting with PermaLinx is easy and pays for itself after just five sales. Your starter collection comes with unique bracelet styles, perfect for selling or displaying.

3. Twenty Additional PermaLinx Jump Rings

Your starter Collection comes with twenty additional jump rings to ensure you never run out. Practice and explore new possibilities from the comfort of your own space.

4. Four Practice Pieces

Confidence is vital to a craft like permanent jewelry. That’s why we’ve included four practice pieces in your starter collection. These pieces will help you sharpen your skills and gain the confidence you need to create beautiful permanent jewelry.

5. Training for PermaLinx Craft and Sales

With comprehensive training resources from PermaLinx, you’ll have access to everything you need to become a skilled permanent jewelry artist. Whether you’re just starting out or taking your skills to the next level, our training materials are designed to help you achieve success. 

6. A Full Free Month of Your PermaLinx Online Business Suite

Crafting beautiful pieces is just the beginning of your journey. If you want your jewelry business to thrive, you’ll need access to the appropriate tools and support. With the PermaLinx online business suite, you’ll have your very own online shop where you can gather pre-orders, handle sales, arrange appointments, and connect with a vibrant community of jewelry enthusiasts. And the best part? After your first month, it’s all available for a mere $11.99 per month.

Why Choose PermaLinx Over Classes?

If you’re considering taking permanent jewelry classes, you might want to explore the PermaLinx starter collection as a more convenient, affordable, and flexible option. Here are the advantages only PermaLinx can offer:

Learn at Your Own Pace

PermaLinx offers the flexibility to take your time as you learn, unburdened by classes or schedules. Discover the art of creating timeless jewelry at your own rhythm.

No Expensive Class Fees

Tuition fees for traditional classes can get expensive. The PermaLinx starter collection offers you everything you need, including materials and training, for a one-time cost of $175.

Accessible Anywhere

Wherever you find yourself, be it in the comfort of your home or a charming cafe, PermaLinx empowers you to take your craft anywhere you go.

Comprehensive Training

Our training resources cover both the craft of permanent jewelry and the art of selling it. As you learn to craft beautiful jewelry, you’ll also learn to build a prosperous business of your own.

Start Your Permanent Jewelry Crafting Journey Today

If you’ve been looking for “permanent jewelry classes near me,” we suggest you skip the hassle. Check out the PermaLinx starter collection instead. Learning to do permanent jewelry is easier and more affordable than ever. Join the PermaLinx movement now.

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