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What Is Forever Jewelry?

November 16, 2023

Have you seen people on social media showing off new bracelets and anklets that seem different from other jewelry pieces? Recently, permanent jewelry has been relaunched within the mainstream market of the fashion industry. If you have ever wondered, “What is forever jewelry?” Here is everything you need to know. 

Forever Jewelry and PermaLinx by jBloom

Forever jewelry is also known as permanent jewelry by the industry and has received a ton of media attention since 2020. Permanent jewelry is a beautiful collection of accessories meant to complement any style.

Permanent jewelry is usually welded or connected with careful clasps that prevent the piece from falling off or being taken off without the necessary tools. 

4 Reasons People Love PermaLinx 

People of all ages are falling in love with permanent jewelry, and here are a few reasons: 

Amazing Gifts

Permanent jewelry makes a memorable gift to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. What better way to show someone you love them than a beautiful accessory they can take anywhere and never lose? 

Travel Friendly 

Are you tired of having to take off your jewelry before your flight? Or are you afraid it may be stolen or forgotten somewhere during the journey? The PermaLinx collection was made to be TSA-approved to keep your travel experience smooth. Permanent jewelry also reduces the risk of pickpockets getting a hold of your favorite accessories. 

Vibrant Untarnished Colors 

While other pieces of jewelry fade and change colors, the PermaLinx collection was designed to support individuals with all lifestyles. Whether you live in the gym or love to have a concert during every shower, your PermaLinx accessories are built to last.

The PermaLinx Promise 

If something ever happens to your PermaLinx accessory, you can rest assured that your designer will be able to help you get a replacement — because all our products are guaranteed. 

Is PermaLinx Welded?

Permanent jewelry comes in various styles, and some brands use welding machines to make their products. PermaLinx constructed a process to make the jewelry without the use of expensive welding machines without compromising the quality of the collection. 

When PermaLinx designers invest in their initial starter collection, they receive training for free in order to go from asking, “What is forever jewelry?” to becoming permanent jewelry professionals.

The Future of Permanent Jewelry Through PermaLinx 

Every designer from PermaLinx has a unique story as to how they came to join the industry. Even without prior sales experience, designers are able to thrive by opening their own permanent jewelry business through PermaLinx. 

A PermaLinx business can be opened through the purchase of the PermaLinx starter collection for $175. This purchase includes free training and equipment for future designers to succeed. Once a designer sells their first five bracelets, they will make back their initial investment. 

How Do You Get Started With Forever Jewelry?

The biggest challenge of starting anything new is taking the first step. That’s why jBloom is here to support you through the process so you can achieve your goals.

If you are ready to take the leap and get your starter collection from PermaLinx, submit your contact form here

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