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What Is Permanent Jewelry and What Makes It Unique?

November 20, 2023

Are you new to permanent jewelry? As its name implies, this type of jewelry is considered permanent since it requires a tool to remove it. Also known as “forever jewelry,” it’s become more popular recently thanks to trends in social media like TikTok and Instagram — as well as the many benefits it offers. 

PermaLinx creates designs that are both beautiful and affordable. Here is everything you need to know about permanent jewelry from PermaLinx.

How Is Permanent Jewelry Made?

Permanent jewelry manufacturing will vary from brand to brand and their approaches to the designs, the materials, and the techniques they use to make the pieces. Many brands use metals such as sterling silver and gold (either solid or plated) to create their necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. 

Welding is common with a lot of jewelry makers on the market. However, some complications come along with welding, such as: 

  • Expensive required equipment for welding
  • Potential for burns or other injuries
  • Increased difficulty in ensuring a perfect fit
  • Higher replacement and repair costs

When jBloom entered the market with PermaLinx, we introduced a more competitive, discreet clasp approach. Each of our designers receives all the training and tools to provide beautiful, durable products with the perfect fit for all of their customers — at a more affordable price.

How Long Does Permanent Jewelry Last?

When people hear the term “permanent jewelry,” some may doubt the longevity of the pieces. PermaLinx’s collection is made of beautiful stainless gold and silver metals that are designed to last through day-to-day life, making it the perfect gift for people who are:

Frequent Flyers

PermaLinx is travel-friendly and easily passes through TSA security checks without complications.


Worry less about ruining your favorite accessories and focus on your workout, thanks to the strong materials making up the PermaLinx collection.

Friends and Family 

Show your closest friends and family you love them with a gift that lasts a lifetime — a PermaLinx bracelet or anklet. 

Fashion Lovers

If you are a fan of fashion, you know the power of sleek accessories. PermaLinx makes pieces that work well with any style, from casual to chic. 

PermaLinx Designers 

If you are interested in pieces from PermaLinx, getting connected with a PermaLinx designer is one of the first steps. They will be able to answer questions from “What is permanent jewelry?” to “How do you become a PermaLinx designer?” Every designer is trained to provide excellent service to beautiful jewelry.

Becoming a PermaLinx designer allows you to open your own permanent jewelry business through a few simple steps. The starter collection from PermaLinx supplies you with the tools needed to connect permanent jewelry as well as training for every designer to develop their skills — all for only $175.

What Is a Permanent Jewelry Career? Find Out With PermaLinx

Whether you are new to the world of permanent jewelry or are looking to join the industry as a professional, PermaLinx can help you make the leap as easy as possible. If you have questions regarding the starter collection and other pieces of the PermaLinx catalog, reach out to the jBloom team today. 

Getting connected is easy. Submit your contact form here to get your very own starter collection from PermaLinx.

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