where to get forever bracelets near me

Where to Get Forever Bracelets Near Me Without the Zap?

January 2, 2024

Have you noticed that anything that goes viral on social media sells out quickly? Permanent jewelry — bracelets, necklaces, and anklets — is more than a simple trend. People invest in permanent jewelry to express themselves in a new way that is meant to last for a lifetime.

If you find yourself searching “where to get forever bracelets near me,” here’s why your search brings you to PermaLinx by jBloom.

6 Reasons to Avoid the Zap and Get the Linx

Did you know most permanent jewelry brands require the customer to have their piece welded on? This makes some people a bit nervous. It’s where the phrase “get zapped” came from. Why get zapped when you can get linked by PermaLinx?

Unlike other brands of permanent jewelry, PermaLinx connects pieces with a special jump ring rather than an electric welder. This allows the collection to provide the following:

Easy to Apply and Custom Fits

When you meet with your PermaLinx designer for your jewelry, it will only take 3 to 6 minutes to put on. Rather than getting the zap, you get a bracelet, necklace, or anklet that is the perfect fit for you. 

Long-Lasting Color 

Have you ever had your favorite piece of jewelry lose its shine? The PermaLinx collection is sweat and water resistant and supports the most active of lifestyles. 

TSA Approved for Travel Lovers 

Are you a frequent flier? The PermaLinx collection is safe for travel and helps you avoid delays at security.

Gifts for Any Occasion 

Are you looking for a gift for your special someone or close friend? People around the world use permanent jewelry to represent a special event or a bond with their favorite person. 

What Happens if It Breaks?

When people look online for “where to get forever bracelets near me,” they expect the jewelry to last forever. On the rare chance that something happens to your PermaLinx jewelry, your designer will work with you to get a replacement. 

Can You Take It Off? 

When you have permanent jewelry welded on, you may require assistance to remove the bracelet. If you would like to take off a PermaLinx bracelet, all you need is a pair of scissors to cut it off.

How to Become a PermaLinx Designer

Did you know that clients have the opportunity to become a PermaLinx designer? When you order your PermaLinx starter collection, you receive all of the tools and training you need to start your own permanent jewelry business.

Even if you need more sales experience, PermaLinx provides mentorship by introducing you to a veteran designer who can show you the ropes to running your permanent jewelry business. 

Where to Get Forever Bracelets Near Me?: Get Linked!

Whether you want to order permanent jewelry for yourself or others, PermaLinx by jBloom is the collection you need. 

As a customer or designer, the PermaLinx community is here to help you feel confident and beautiful with your new favorite accessories.

Getting linked is simple; submit your contact form and get in touch with your PermaLinx designer today.

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