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Why Get Zapped When You Could Get “Linx’d”?

December 2, 2023

Have you heard your friends say, “I got zapped”? If they’re showing off a new bracelet or necklace, they’re probably referring to welded permanent jewelry. 

But did you know there’s a permanent jewelry option that can be done without the use of welding equipment? Rather than having to get zapped, PermaLinx can get you “Linx’d” with beautiful permanent jewelry that doesn’t require expensive, dangerous equipment.

Why PermaLinx? 

Permanent jewelry may seem like a current trend in social media, but it has been around for decades. jBloom has created a collection that is guaranteed for life and made of high-quality material — all at an affordable cost. Here’s why so many people love PermaLinx permanent jewelry:

The Gift That Keeps on Giving  

People across the globe use permanent jewelry as a form of self-expression. Whether it is for their style, a loved one, or a particular life event, the PermaLinx collection makes an excellent gift for anyone. 

Less Hassle and More Enjoyment 

Traditional jewelry is easily lost, and much of it can fade over time. PermaLinx accessories are water and sweat resistant, preserving its color and shine for years to come. You can now spend less time trying to decide which accessory works best for an outfit; PermaLinx has pieces that go with any personal style. 

Rewarding Career Pathway

PermaLinx by jBloom is more than a collection of jewelry. It is a community made of like-minded entrepreneurs who want control of their careers. When someone is interested in starting a permanent jewelry career, new designers can benefit from learning from veterans of the field.

From Customer to PermaLinx Designer 

Most designers start out as a customer, just like you. Even without sales experience, our designers are prepared to begin after completing their free training, which is included with the PermaLinx starter collection. This kit includes all of the necessary tools to launch your business. 

Becoming the Boss

Once you finish your training, you’re ready to start your new jewelry business. PermaLinx designers choose how they run their fashion enterprise. Some designers host parties known as PermaLinx boutiques, which last 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of guests. Other designers prefer working with one client at a time, while most do a combination of both. Personal appointments are 15 minutes, and it only takes 3 to 6 minutes to put on a piece of jewelry. 

PermaLinx provides designers with their own website and continued training to develop their skills. When you become a designer, you become a vital member of our highly supportive community. 

Don’t Get Zapped; Get “Linx’d” With PermaLinx 

If you are considering a new career in permanent jewelry, PermaLinx gets you established in just a few simple steps. We believe permanent jewelry is a great way to express yourself or your passions in a unique way. Every piece of the PermaLinx collection connects without the use of a welder. While others get zapped, you can get “Linx’d” with PermaLinx. 

PermaLinx designers go from beginners to pros at their own pace. If you are a go-getter and have a desire for a career in the fashion industry, PermaLinx by jBloom may be the solution you are looking for. 

Submit your contact information here. Your PermaLinx journey starts now.

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