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Complete Your Permanent Jewelry Training Online

September 16, 2023

Are you looking to take control of your future and run your own business? Are you passionate about your personal style and want to share that passion with others? PermaLinx by jBloom can help you achieve both of those goals through permanent jewelry training online.

Starting your business from the comforts of your home is now much more accessible. Thanks to the vast resources available from PermaLinx, you can feel confident in your entrepreneurial abilities. We offer all of the permanent jewelry training online you need. 

Building Your Foundation

When starting your journey as a business owner with PermaLinx, there are a few necessary steps to complete prior to selling from the collection:

  1. Head to the “Join” tab of our website
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Submit your initial $175 investment for the PermaLinx starter collection
  4. Get connected with a veteran designer and enroll in your permanent jewelry training online
  5. Start the journey of a lifetime with the beginning of your new business

Advance Your Permanent Jewelry Training Online 

Once you have had the chance to get your business running, the learning opportunities run right along with you. The team at PermaLinx wants you to succeed! That’s why we provide a number of learning resources exclusively for the PermaLinx community.

Whether you need one-on-one coaching or want to hear from industry professionals, PermaLinx has proven solutions for you. jBloom provides free webinars and coaching for every designer in the community. These are great opportunities for you to ask questions and hear from professionals who have been in a similar place in their careers. 

Even without prior sales experience, your PermaLinx business can thrive with the inspiration and success stories of your fellow designers.

Hosting Your First PermaLinx Boutique or Appointment 

Are you feeling confident and prepared to make your first sale? Make a return on your investment by hosting your first PermaLinx boutique. Depending on the number of attendees, your boutique can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It takes 3 to 6 minutes to put on a bracelet. Solo appointments usually last 15 minutes and are a great way to connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Once you have completed your initial permanent jewelry training online and have some time to adjust to your new role at the business, it may be in time to attend our annual conference. 

Every year, jBloom hosts a conference for PermaLinx designers to learn from the top sellers within the community and network.

Success Is Just Around the Corner 

Starting your business can be your next step to achieving your dreams. Become your own boss as soon as you complete your permanent jewelry training online. Even with limited sales experience, PermaLinx by jBloom could be the solution to your long-term career goals. 

Join the PermaLinx community today and watch your hard work bloom into great success. The authentic smiles on your customers’ faces will assure you that you’ve chosen a career worth pursuing!

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