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Do You Really Need a Permanent Jewelry Welding Kit?

October 11, 2023

Are you looking for a way to start your own business in the fashion industry? While some entrepreneurs begin their journey by purchasing a permanent jewelry welding kit, you can make things easier on yourself by investing in a starter collection from PermaLinx by jBloom

Let’s learn more about what’s involved in taking the leap into owning your own jewelry design business and what kind of investment you need to make.

Prior Experience 

If you’re new to the jewelry business, you likely have a lot of questions. Do you need proven sales skills? Do you need welding equipment and experience? Rest assured, designers who partner with PermaLinx can achieve their goals without prior sales experience — and welding is unnecessary. 

All the training you need is provided as part of your starter collection investment. Our team will connect you with a current PermaLinx designer who will help walk you through the enrollment process. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions to someone who has been through the process. 

What Are the Costs?

Unlike other organizations with a permanent jewelry welding kit, the starter collection from PermaLinx is cost-effective. With a retail value of $520, new designers only pay $175 to start their new business. With that initial investment, you receive the following: 

All of the Necessary Tools 

The starter collection from PermaLinx supplies each designer with the tools they need for their business, such as: 

  • Four practice bracelets 
  • One effective cutter
  • Two flat nose pliers 
  • 12 styles of bracelets 
  • 20 extra jump rings 

Professional Website 

One of the best tools for any business is a user-friendly website. PermaLinx supplies each designer with their website with access to the PermaLinx catalog and is equipped to sell and track orders. 

Maintaining the website is only $11.99 per month, with an optional newsletter for an additional $4.99 monthly to keep you connected with your customers. The first month of website services is provided to you for free as a gift from PermaLinx.

Mentorship and Training 

Every new designer is paired with a mentor who has been through the training process and has experience with running their permanent jewelry business. All of the training resources are included so you are able to learn how to apply permanent jewelry with confidence for each of your customers. 

What Happens After Training?

Once you have completed your training and feel confident in getting started, you are ready to make your business bloom. Whether you want to host your own PermaLinx boutique events or one-on-one appointments, you are able to approach your business the way you choose. 

Since it takes between 3 to 6 minutes to place a bracelet, personal appointments usually last for 15 minutes. Boutiques can last 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of participants. 

Think Outside the “Permanent Jewelry Welding Kit” Box

Your new business can go from being a dream to a reality thanks to PermaLinx. Rather than spend a lot of money on a permanent jewelry welding kit, invest in your future with the PermaLinx starter collection. After selling your first five bracelets, you will already make back your investment. 
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