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Permanent Jewelry Tools: Then Vs. Now

October 12, 2023

The art of permanent jewelry crafting has always been rooted in tradition, where expensive tools have dominated the scene. As the market continues to evolve, however, our methods of crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry change as well.

PermaLinx embodies this remarkable evolution, daring to challenge the status quo with something groundbreaking. Let’s explore the advantages of PermaLinx’s simple yet effective permanent jewelry tools compared to older methods.

The Traditional Jewelry Crafting Dilemma

For years, traditional methods of crafting permanent jewelry have been regarded as the gold standard. They involve the use of specialized tools and materials, most notably expensive soldering equipment. Although there are merits to these methods, they also come with a few distinct challenges:


Creating traditional jewelry with traditional methods can be financially demanding in terms of upfront costs. The expense of procuring equipment, materials, and a dedicated workspace can be a prohibiting factor for aspiring jewelry designers.


When it comes to technique, becoming a master in traditional jewelry crafting requires a significant amount of training and hands-on experience. Starting out can feel overwhelming for someone new to the practice.

Safety Risk

Working with high-temperature equipment, such as soldering irons and torches, can be risky in terms of safety. Mishandling the jewelry can result in accidents that cause damage to the piece or even harm to yourself or your customers.

Workspace Needs

Creating a suitable workspace for traditional jewelry crafting can be quite a challenge. In order to thrive, it requires sufficient space, adequate ventilation, and a carefully regulated environment.

PermaLinx: A Revolution in Permanent Jewelry Tools

jBloom is proud to introduce PermaLinx, a cutting-edge method of creating timeless jewelry that revolutionizes the industry. It all centers on a single, securable link, carefully fastened with PermaLinx tools to provide the same strength and durability as welded jewelry. 

This groundbreaking method removes the need for intricate and costly equipment, making it easier and more affordable for novices and seasoned designers alike.

The Advantages of PermaLinx:


PermaLinx offers a more affordable alternative to traditional methods at just $175. Starting a career as a permanent jewelry designer is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the significantly lower initial investment required. This means that more people can pursue their passion without worrying about financial constraints.


Our permanent jewelry tools are specifically designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Crafters can create beautiful, durable jewelry without the need for extensive training or experience. The secure link mechanism makes things easier by ensuring a smooth and strong connection.

Dependable Safety

Unlike traditional methods that rely on high-temperature equipment, PermaLinx tools operate at a lower risk level. This ensures that people of all skill levels, whether they are beginners or experienced creators, can enjoy a safer crafting experience.


PermaLinx tools are portable and user friendly, enabling designers to perform their craft anywhere they go. Permanent jewelry crafting becomes a hassle-free venture due to the lack of extensive setup requirements.


At PermaLinx, we take pride in the quality and durability of our jewelry pieces. Our secure link mechanism is designed to provide the same level of permanence and strength as traditional soldering methods.

A Brighter Future for Permanent Jewelry Tools

PermaLinx has become a leading force in the world of permanent jewelry crafting, representing a new age for the practice. Both aspiring jewelry designers and experienced crafters now have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and craft stunning, enduring jewelry without the challenges associated with traditional methods.

Say goodbye to the complications and costs of conventional approaches. Embrace PermaLinx and unlock the fullest potential of your craft with the latest permanent jewelry tools. PermaLinx is already revolutionizing the world of jewelry, paving the way for a future that is more vibrant and exciting than ever before. Join the movement today! 

Ready to make the switch to modern permanent jewelry tools?

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