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Does Permanent Jewelry Cost More for Higher Quality?

December 28, 2023

As of 2022, the jewelry industry is expected to grow 4.6% every year until 2030 due in part to the continued popularity of permanent jewelry businesses. With so many different brands to choose from, it’s no wonder so many people are asking, “What does permanent jewelry cost?” and “Do you have to pay more for higher quality?” 

Understanding the process and what sets different brands apart can help explain the costs of permanent jewelry. 

Factors That Impact Cost 

The key factors that influence the prices of permanent jewelry include: 

The Materials 

When creating something that’s supposed to last a lifetime, the right metals are the foundation. Many permanent jewelry brands use 14k gold for their bracelets and anklets. While they are beautiful, their prices can be too high for many people to afford. 

PermaLinx, on the other hand, uses a type of stainless metal that doesn’t fade or discolor over time. We test our jewelry to make sure it’s strong and durable, so our customers can rest assured that it can withstand a lifetime of use and still look as beautiful as the day they got it. 

The Process 

Attaching permanent bracelets can be different, too, depending on the jeweler. Some professionals use expensive welding machines to connect their pieces. These devices cost thousands of dollars, which forces jewelry designers to charge more for the pieces they sell — typically hundreds of dollars, especially for the “luxury” brands. 

PermaLinx uses specialty hand tools instead of a machine to connect the jewelry. Our testing has shown that our method of attachment holds just as strong a bond as welded jewelry. And the best part is it’s more affordable; our bracelets cost only $35 and our anklets are $45. 

The Collection and Opportunities 

If you love fashion and want to turn that passion into a career, the PermaLinx collection offers the opportunity to start your own small business at a very affordable cost. 

Other brands may offer similar business opportunities, but their equipment will set you back $3,000 or more. Our starter collection includes free training and all the necessary tools and supplies for only $175. On top of providing beautiful jewelry, PermaLinx gives customers the chance to make extra money as a side hustle or even a new career. 

How Does the Training Work? 

Every new PermaLinx designer is guided by an experienced designer with a successful track record in the business. They also receive videos that explain the permanent jewelry process in depth. 

With the training program, you get to go at your own pace and ask questions along the way, so once you finish, you’ll be ready to launch your business. 

What Does Permanent Jewelry Cost? Less Than You Think! 

For many designers, their career started when they asked, “What does permanent jewelry cost?” Now, they support their growing list of customers with beautiful accessories they’ll take with them forever. 
That opportunity can be yours, too. Take your career to new heights in the fashion industry and buy your starter collection today.

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