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What Is a Permanent Jewelry Small Business?

December 22, 2023

Now you can turn your passion for style and fashion accessories into a thriving career by designing and selling jewelry. But what is a permanent jewelry small business? With help from PermaLinx, you can develop skills in sales and marketing and transform a side hustle into a dream career.

What Would You Sell?

PermaLinx designers have access to our complete catalog of permanent jewelry, from bracelets to anklets. Every piece of the collection is crafted to last while adding an accent of luxury to every style. 

Why Are Permanent Bracelets So Popular?

People buy accessories for different reasons. Understanding what your customers are looking for is the first step to building a connection with your audience. Some of the most common reasons people invest in accessories include the following: 

The Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

Show someone you love them by giving them something that will last forever. Whether it’s their birthday, a special holiday, or just a surprise, PermaLinx makes any occasion special. 


If someone or something made an impact on your life, you can have a constant reminder with you wherever you go thanks to the PermaLinx collection

Lower Cost and Higher Quality 

Everyone looking to buy permanent jewelry always asks: “How much do the pieces cost?” PermaLinx has created a collection that brings beautiful accessories at a lower price than the competition without sacrificing quality. While other brands offer pieces for $50 to $200 or more, PermaLinx bracelets are just $35 and anklets are only $45.

Live Life to the Fullest Without Hassle 

All our bracelets and anklets are made of solid stainless metal and are water resistant, so they won’t fade or tarnish over time. Like traditional jewelry, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your pieces. And if you love to travel and want to avoid delays with airport security, know that PermaLinx jewelry is TSA approved and passes through security like a breeze. 

Starting Your New Career 

How do you become a permanent accessory designer? Most designers from PermaLinx started out as customers and made the transition to full-time entrepreneurs. Here are a few things you can expect from the process of joining the community: 

If you’re worried about the sales component, rest assured that we provide our training for free when you purchase the starter collection. What is a permanent jewelry starter collection? For just $175, it’s everything necessary to start your permanent jewelry business. It comes with the tools, pieces, samples, and other supplies you need to launch your new career.

Being a PermaLinx designer also includes a professional website that jBloom maintains on your behalf for $11.99/month. The website has access to the complete catalog and allows you to place and track orders for your customers. 

What Is a Permanent Jewelry Designer? 

When someone takes the next step in their career by joining the PermaLinx community, they become a professional designer. Designers create wonderful experiences for customers, from jewelry selection to connecting the pieces. Give your customers something that lasts forever on your journey to success. 
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