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What Is a Permanent Bracelet Business? 

December 19, 2023

The jewelry market value in the United States is $69 billion, making up almost 20% of the fashion industry. You can get your own slice of that success by starting your own small business selling a kind of jewelry that people get excited about. 

Permanent bracelets and other “forever” jewelry are quickly becoming a larger part of that pie. Accessories from PermaLinx allow people to wear and share their stories wherever they go, and you can play a role in making that a reality. 

How Does It Work?

There are two main approaches to selling permanent jewelry. Many traditional sellers use expensive welding machines to zap the pieces together. These devices cost thousands of dollars and require a dedicated space to operate. Starting a jewelry business using this method requires a significant investment, and most entrepreneurs are left to build and grow their business on their own. 

PermaLinx, in contrast, offers a more streamlined path to designing and selling permanent jewelry successfully. Rather than costly equipment, PermaLinx designers use specialty hand tools to connect the pieces and provide a perfect fit for every customer. They’re also able to help their customers customize their bracelets, anklets, and necklaces with a variety of styles and colors as well as personalized charms.

Cost is a significant factor, as well. Many brands sell permanent bracelets for $50 to $200, and those prices tend to increase over time. PermaLinx, however, offers beautiful, durable jewelry at a more affordable price. Our bracelets are $35 and our anklets are $45. 

Why such a drastic price difference? Rather than charging excessive prices, jBloom believes everyone deserves to enhance their style with unique accessories that are just as high quality as the pricier options. We’ve tested our collection to confirm that each piece is just as strong as welded pieces offered by competitors. 

What Is a Permanent Bracelet From PermaLinx Made Of? 

Every accessory from the PermaLinx collection is made of stainless metals and comes in the following colors: 

  • Black stainless
  • Silver stainless 
  • Rose-gold stainless 
  • Gold stainless 

How Can You Become a Jewelry Designer? 

While many permanent jewelry professionals invest thousands of dollars to start their business, PermaLinx offers everything you need for only $175. Our starter collection includes all the tools and supplies you need to launch, including twelve bracelets you can sell and earn back your initial investment. 

When you work with PermaLinx, you join a community and get full support as you begin your new jewelry career. We match new designers with an experienced designer who guides them through the steps of running their new business. 

Even if you don’t have any prior sales or small business experience, jBloom provides the foundation to get you going. We give each designer a website that provides a hub for taking orders, marketing, and managing your enterprise.

Jewelry That Lets People Shine 

When people ask you, “What is a permanent bracelet?” you’ll be ready to help them discover a unique way to express their style. 

Forever jewelry symbolizes people’s connection with another person or a special life event. Having a constant reminder is both uplifting and reassuring — a memento of the permanence of the most important relationships in your life. It’s such a great feeling to show someone how much you care about them through a gift that lasts a lifetime. 

Permanent bracelets, anklets, and necklaces make life easier, too. It goes with you wherever you go, it won’t get lost, and it keeps its luster through even the harshest conditions. 

Become the Next Permanent Jewelry Success Story 

If you’ve ever considered running your own small business, PermaLinx offers an easy and affordable way to get started. We’re ready to equip and support you every step of the way. 
Ready to help others wear their story? Become a PermaLinx designer today.

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