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Guide to Permanent Bracelets in Chicago

January 17, 2024

What is it you picture when you think of the windy city? Is it bold architecture? Bolder fashion? For all you fashion-loving city chicks who want to make a statement that will last, PermaLinx has exciting news. Getting permanent bracelets in Chicago is quicker and easier than ever.

PermaLinx by jBloom is an innovative new approach to the permanent jewelry trend, cutting out the challenges by offering a more accessible and affordable technique. Ignore the flashy storefronts — all you need is to get “Linx’d” by a nearby jewelry lover just like you!

Chicago Style Meets Permanence

If you want to know what sets PermaLinx apart, you’re in the right place. Designed for accessibility above all else, PermaLinx relies on strong stainless steel and a specialized, secure link. This unique approach entirely removes the need for expensive materials or dangerous welding equipment. Instead, simply find a PermaLinx designer near you and get Linx’d with a look you love!

Why PermaLinx Stands Out

If you’re getting tired of the same old jewelry options, it may be time for a permanent change. PermaLinx was made to bring beautiful permanent bracelets to Chicago and beyond at an affordable cost. The stainless steel comes in a variety of styles as well as four distinct colors: silver, gold, black, and rose gold. With PermaLinx, there’s something for everyone!

Where to Find Permanent Bracelets in Chicago

Looking to get Linx’d with a permanent bracelet in Chicago? PermaLinx has you covered, and it’s easier than ever. Just visit us online, and with a few clicks, we’ll connect you with a local PermaLinx designer — someone just like you — to get forever jewelry with something you love.

What if there are no designers in your area? First of all, there probably are. However, we’ve got an even more exciting possibility to share: you can become a PermaLinx designer yourself and start your very own jewelry business for just $175 — less than even some single bracelets from traditional permanent jewelry brands. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it’s the next step in your creative career.

The PermaLinx Starter Collection

As a PermaLinx designer, you’ll be able to craft and customize beautiful permanent bracelets wherever you go in Chicago. The starter collection provides everything you need to get started for only $175. Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

  • An adorable PermaLinx tote bag
  • All the essential tools to craft permanent bracelets
  • 12 diverse PermaLinx bracelets to sell
  • 20 additional PermaLinx jump rings
  • Comprehensive training materials
  • A FREE month of your personalized online shop

Last Chance at the January Deal

For a limited time, the starter collection comes with even more. For those new designers who join in January of 2024 (while it’s still happening!), we’ll throw in an extra two permanent bracelets, totally free. That’s fourteen bracelets total to kickstart your career as a jewelry artist!

Get Permanent Jewelry — Chicago Style

Ready to make a permanent change to your Chicago fashion? Get your PermaLinx starter collection today to join the movement that’s changing the world of jewelry all across the nation. Get Linx’d, get connected, and join a community that loves fashion like you do. Start your very own PermaLinx business today.

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