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Start a Business With Permanent Bracelets in Los Angeles 

January 16, 2024

Looking great and creating your unique style is one of the defining traits of the City of Angels. It’s no wonder that permanent jewelry is so popular in California’s largest city. This is where trends come to life every day, and “forever” accessories are a craze that’s here to stay. 

If you are looking for a permanent bracelet, Los Angeles has everything you need — including the perfect location for starting your own jewelry business.

What Makes Permanent Jewelry Last? 

It may be hard to believe that something lasts forever, but permanent jewelry lives up to that promise. Quality is everything when it comes to permanent bracelets. Two key factors make all the difference: the type of materials used and the strength of the bond. 

Unfortunately, many brands charge an arm and a leg (or a wrist and an ankle) for their permanent jewelry. One of the main reasons for that is they use expensive welding machines to link the chains together. These devices typically cost north of $3,000, making their accessories out of reach for many consumers. (It’s also the reason starting your own permanent jewelry business is out of reach for many aspiring entrepreneurs.)

Thankfully, there’s a more affordable alternative that’s just as durable as the expensive options. PermaLinx offers a variety of stainless metals that come in a variety of colors:

  • Silver stainless 
  • Black stainless 
  • Gold stainless 
  • Rose gold stainless 

The PermaLinx collection has been thoroughly tested to ensure that every accessory is just as strong as the competition. If you purchase a permanent bracelet from PermaLinx, it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime or we’ll replace it. 

How to Become a Designer 

What if you could have a long-lasting bracelet without buyer’s remorse? What if you could start a jewelry business without breaking the bank? 

Los Angeles is the ideal place for PermaLinx designers to call home. Our starter collection provides you with everything you need to get started, including the tools, supplies, business support, and training — all for a start-up cost of only $175. 

As a community of passionate entrepreneurs, every new PermaLinx member meets with a gold-level designer to sign up for their training. Having a mentor who has experience in the process gives you a significant advantage when starting your new jewelry business. 

What Happens After Training?

Once you complete your training and feel ready to launch, you’re free to get started! Every designer has options for how to run their business, and you get to decide how to approach your customers and what works for your goals. 

One-On-One Appointments 

Some customers appreciate a more personal interaction when buying permanent jewelry. If you are on the introverted side, it relieves some of the tension of large crowds and still allows for a successful business. 

PermaLinx Boutiques

If you love being the life of the party, you can host a boutique. This is a fun social event for your customers to mingle and see the collection up close. And since attaching PermaLinx jewelry is fast (about 3 to 5 minutes per customer), you can sell a lot of bracelets, anklets, and necklaces in a short amount of time.

Events, Fairs, and Festivals

Many PermaLinx designers sell permanent bracelets in Los Angeles through a wide variety of heavily attended events. There’s something always happening in La-La Land, so the opportunities are virtually endless.

Invest in Your Future With Permanent Bracelets in Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking for a single piece of jewelry or want to start a whole new career, PermaLinx has exciting solutions. Get your starter collection today for just $175. 

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