how much does a permanent bracelet cost

How Much Does a Permanent Bracelet Cost?

December 9, 2023

Get some of the best quality permanent jewelry without breaking the bank when you invest in a brand that has its customers in mind. PermaLinx by jBloom created a beautiful collection of accessories that complement any personal style. 

PermaLinx Vs. Other Brands

The prices of luxury accessories vary widely across the industry. While other brands charge $50-$200 per bracelet, PermaLinx wants everyone to have the opportunity to have excellent jewelry. 

How much does a permanent bracelet cost from PermaLinx? Every bracelet is $35, and anklets are $45. While the costs may seem drastically lower than other brands, PermaLinx’s collection is affordable without sacrificing quality. 

How Do People Get Linked?

The approach to permanent jewelry varies from brand to brand. If you have ever heard the phrase “get zapped,” it refers to the process of welding permanent pieces of jewelry.

Everything in the PermaLinx collection is put on without the use of a welding machine. Instead, high-end cutters and pliers to connect the perfect fit every time. 

What Makes PermaLinx the Best

Saving money and getting the jewelry you love is possible with the starter collection. Each bracelet and anklet have the following qualities: 

Designed to Last 

If you are worried that your new accessories will lose their shine over time, rest assured that PermaLinx jewelry will withstand wear and tear and is water and sweat resistant. 

Great for People Always on the Move 

People who travel all the time for work love the PermaLinx collection. Having something that compliments any outfit and is TSA-approved makes going through airport security smoother and prevents you from forgetting your jewelry anywhere.

The Opportunity to Go From Customer to Designer 

Most designers with PermaLinx started out as happy customers before making the leap to starting their own permanent jewelry business — and one of the main reasons is the accessible start-up cost. Our starter collection is priced at $175 (a $520 value), and after selling five bracelets, you will have already made that investment back. 

You’ll enjoy the following when you join the PermaLinx community:

Training and Mentorship 

Anyone who invests in the starter collection receives free training and mentorship to open their small business. Even if you have zero sales experience, we’ll prepare you with everything you need to know to succeed. When you connect with your mentor, you’ll be able to ask them questions about their experience. 

Professional Website and Newsletter

Staying in touch with your customers is essential for any small business owner. PermaLinx provides every designer with a website and maintains it for $11.99/month. An optional newsletter is also available for an additional $4.99/month. 

How Much Does a Permanent Bracelet Cost … and Earn?

As PermaLinx designers across the country work on growing their businesses, the permanent jewelry industry continues to thrive. When you become a designer with PermaLinx, you go from beginner to pro at your own pace.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to develop new skills and make extra cash may turn your passion for fashion into a career you can cheer. 
If you’re ready to start your permanent jewelry business, submit your contact form today.

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