how much do permanent bracelets cost

How Much Do Permanent Bracelets Cost?

December 8, 2023

Have your loved ones ask for permanent jewelry as a gift? Are you wondering how much do permanent bracelets cost? 

Permanent jewelry is popular across the globe and has gained momentum on social media. Yet with so many options in the market, you want to ensure you get the best jewelry for a great price without losing quality. 

What to Look for in Your Permanent Jewelry 

When you buy jewelry for yourself or as a gift, you want high quality for the best price you can get. If you’re looking for beautiful permanent jewelry that will last, here are a few things to consider:

Understanding the Cost

Purchasing permanent jewelry is slightly different from traditional jewelry. Some brands charge more for the jewelry application and the cost of the individual pieces. When people ask how much do permanent bracelets cost, the answer ranges from $35 to $200. 

One Accessory for Every Style

Permanent jewelry works great with your style by adding a sleek metallic shine to your outfits. Whether you are going to work, the gym, or a special event, permanent bracelets are a simple and effective way to look great — and likely get a few compliments. 

Safe for Travel 

Are you a frequent flyer and are tired of removing jewelry for security? PermaLinx permanent jewelry is ideal for travel and is TSA approved, saving time and hassle whenever you’re on the go. 

Staying Active and Fashion Forward 

Have you ever lost your favorite jewelry somewhere because you forgot to put it back on? Has the color faded due to water or sun exposure? PermLinx accessories may be the solution you’re searching for. 

Easy Removal 

When you get permanent jewelry, there may be a time when it has to come off. Some brands require you to return for the welder to remove the piece. Other pieces of permanent jewelry are easy to remove with scissors. Always ask your permanent jewelry provider for the best jewelry removal and replacement approaches.

The PermaLinx Starter Collection 

Unlike other brands, PermaLinx by jBloom creates beautiful permanent jewelry at an affordable price. PermaLinx offers permanent bracelets for $35 per bracelet, and anklets are $45. Many customers who love the brand also choose to start their own jewelry business with the PermaLinx starter collection. 

When you get your starter collection, you receive all the tools necessary to open a permanent jewelry business. Even without prior sales experience, the free training jBloom provides takes you from being a happy customer to a successful entrepreneur. 

PermaLinx provides training, mentorship, and tools for new designers. All our entrepreneurs receive mentorship from an experienced designer who helps them through the training process and start their business.

How Much Do Permanent Bracelets Cost? Ask PermaLinx

Permanent jewelry is for everyone, and price shouldn’t be a barrier to looking great. Regardless of your style interests, it compliments your clothes and helps you express your true self. Best of all, jBloom makes permanent jewelry accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality. 

When you partner with PermaLinx, you join a supportive community of professional entrepreneurs. As a client or designer, PermaLinx is here to help you feel confident in your everyday style.

Are you ready to get your piece of the PermaLinx collection? Submit your contact form here.

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