what is a permanent anklet

What Is a Permanent Anklet? Your New Favorite Accessory

December 7, 2023

Now you can have the stylish accessories you love without the hassle of switching them out every day. PermaLinx by jBloom has created a collection of jewelry made of long-lasting stainless metals that shine through any occasion. 

What is a permanent anklet? The answer is simple: it is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones or an amazing product for a small business. 

Opening Your Business 

If you have ever considered opening a small business and love the fashion industry, PermaLinx has the perfect solution. Our starter collection includes all the tools necessary to begin your journey as a designer. It comes with free training, too. 

Once you join the PermaLinx community, you’ll meet your new mentor. You’ll be introduced to a seasoned professional with experience in the industry who can answer your questions and provide feedback throughout the process. 

Knowing Your Product 

When you become a permanent jewelry professional, you’ll likely be asked on many occasions, “What is a permanent anklet?” Here are a few things to tell your customers: 

Say Goodbye to Rust 

Some of the most popular brands deal with rust problems after exposure to water or sweat over time. The PermaLinx collection is resistant to the elements and is safe for everyday activities such as working out and showering. 

Avoiding the Zap and TSA Complications 

Rather than getting zapped by a permanent jewelry welder, you can get linked with the perfect fit of well-cut chains connected professionally by pliers. Some welded pieces must be taken off before flights; fortunately, every anklet and bracelet from PermaLinx are TSA approved, so you’ll have peace of mind as you travel.

Starting Your New Career 

Once you finish your training, it’s time to sell some jewelry. As a business owner, you have to hustle to build a name for yourself in the community. To help accelerate the process, PermaLinx provides every designer with their website and helps maintain it for $11.99/month. An optional newsletter is also available for $4.99/month to help you stay connected with your customers.

Public and Personal Approaches With Customers 

Whether you’re an extrovert ready to take on the world of sales or an introvert looking for a more subtle interaction with customers, PermaLinx makes it easy to customize your experience. 

PermaLinx boutiques are social events to showcase the collection and provide a great time for your customers. While they usually last 1 to 2 hours, it will depend on the number of guests who attend. Putting on the jewelry takes 3 to 6 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to mingle and assist everyone without feeling rushed. 

Private appointments are a great option for designers who want more time to speak with each customer one on one. In most cases, these meetings will be about 15 minutes. As your skills develop, the time it takes to put on the jewelry will decrease, leaving more time to connect with your customers.

What Is a Permanent Anklet and How Can It Change Your Life?

When you invest in becoming a PermaLinx designer, you take advantage of an opportunity to run your own small business. 
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