how to get certified in permanent jewelry

How to Get Certified in Permanent Jewelry: Myth Vs. Fact

September 19, 2023

As the art form continues to grow in popularity, countless people are wondering how to get certified in permanent jewelry so they can try it for themselves. If you’re here searching for information on how to get certified in permanent jewelry, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

How to Get Certified in Permanent Jewelry

Here’s the big secret: you don’t! The truth is, you don’t need a certification to become a skilled permanent jewelry artist. The world of permanent jewelry crafting has undergone some significant innovations. Now, with the introduction of PermaLinx, starting your own business is more accessible than ever.

The Myth of Certification in Permanent Jewelry

Numerous industries and professions require certification to guarantee a certain level of knowledge and skill. When it comes to crafting permanent jewelry, however, the concept of certification is more of a myth than a reality. In contrast to professions such as medicine and law, where certification is required for public safety, formal certification is not required for the creation of beautiful and meaningful permanent jewelry.

In its early days, creating permanent jewelry through traditional methods required training and the use of costly equipment. The complicated nature of these methods often gave the impression that certification was an essential part of the process. Now, times have changed, and a more accessible method of creating permanent jewelry gives more entrepreneurs a real — and affordable — chance to start their own jewelry business.

The PermaLinx Revolution

PermaLinx by jBloom offers a new approach to establishing and running a permanent jewelry enterprise. PermaLinx offers the opportunity to start your business and develop your skills as a permanent jewelry designer, all without the requirement of certification, extensive training, or costly equipment.

What Makes PermaLinx So Different?

There are a few essential ingredients:


In most cases, traditional methods rely on the use of welding machinery. Operating this equipment safely and effectively requires users to undergo thorough training.

In contrast, PermaLinx relies on a straightforward yet remarkably efficient technique with a specialized, closable link. Learning is a breeze, mastery is within reach, and certifications are entirely unnecessary.


For many aspiring jewelry artists, the cost of traditional certification programs and equipment is simply too high, making their dream of pursuing permanent jewelry feel like a fantasy. The PermaLinx starter collection, however, is priced at only $175 — an affordable cost for the aspiring jewelry designer.

Quick Learning Curve

Creating stunning, everlasting jewelry is now easier than ever with PermaLinx. No exclusive training is necessary. Learning the craft is quick and easy with our online training resources and support from fellow designers. You’ll be able to dive right into selling your creations in no time.

The PermaLinx Advantage

Here’s how PermaLinx makes starting your own permanent jewelry business a breeze:

The PermaLinx Starter Collection

For just $175, you receive everything you need to begin your journey as a permanent jewelry artist, including tools, different bracelets, extra jump rings, practice pieces, and a FREE month of your online business suite.

Your Online Business Suite

Your online suite gives you access to a web-based shop of your own. You can easily collect pre-orders, conveniently schedule events, and connect with other passionate jewelry enthusiasts like yourself. And the best part? All of this is available to you for an affordable monthly fee of just $11.99.

Online Training Resources

PermaLinx provides a variety of exclusive online training resources to help you hone your skills and learn how to build your business. These resources are designed to help you become proficient as both a craftsperson and a businessperson — no certification required.

Start Your Permanent Jewelry Business Today

If you’ve been looking for information on how to become certified in permanent jewelry, it’s time to shift your focus. With PermaLinx, certification is a thing of the past. You can start your journey to becoming a skilled permanent jewelry artist right here and now.

Why wait? Experience the convenience and accessibility of PermaLinx and begin crafting exquisite, enduring jewelry for yourself and your clients.

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