How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business with jBloom

September 1, 2023

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs and jewelry enthusiasts! Are you ready to transform your passion into profit? If you’ve ever dreamed of pouring your creativity into a business venture of your own, you’re in luck. Learning how to start a permanent jewelry business is easier now than ever before.

With the new PermaLinx starter collection from jBloom, anyone can learn how to launch a permanent jewelry business. Our passion for accessible beauty gives you access to new levels of innovation. Here’s how you can join the revolution.

Why Permanent Jewelry?

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a moment to appreciate the elegance of permanent jewelry as a concept — after all, who wouldn’t want to express their inner beauty with a piece that will last?

Imagine a piece of jewelry that carries a special memory with it, perhaps the commemoration of the very day you got it. Permanent jewelry serves as a beautiful memento for an unforgettable moment, and this trend has begun to captivate jewelry enthusiasts all over the world.

Now, imagine being the one who can create and apply these cherished pieces for your friends, family, and community. If you’re wondering how to start a permanent jewelry business of your own, you’re in the right place.

Introducing the PermaLinx Starter Collection

Establishing a long-lasting jewelry business may seem like an overwhelming task at first. Thanks to jBloom’s PermaLinx Starter Collection, however, the process has become more accessible and manageable than ever before. 

For $175, you’ll gain access to a world of permanent jewelry craft, entrepreneurship, and limitless possibilities. The PermaLinx starter collection is a fantastic resource that provides you with all the essentials to begin your permanent jewelry venture:

  • A dynamic three-piece toolset to empower your craftsmanship
  • 12 stunning bracelet styles to be sold or showcased
  • 20 additional PermaLinx jump rings to keep you stocked
  • Four practice pieces to hone your skills and become a pro

And here’s the most exciting part: With the sale of just five bracelets, your collection will have already paid for itself with up to 40% profit — or even more! 

How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business Your Way

Best of all, your partnership with jBloom opens up an ecosystem of resources, professionals, and support for your blooming business. For just $11.99 each month, you can enjoy the full benefits of jBloom’s extensive business suite. You’ll have your very own online store: a place where you can take pre-orders, schedule events, and engage with other jewelry lovers near and far.

Empower Your Elegance as a jBloom Designer

Here at jBloom, we’re breaking down barriers to ensure that anyone can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting jewelry. With our PermaLinx starter collection, you can join the movement.

Open up a world of meaningful relationships, creative fulfillment, and entrepreneurship. Come and be a part of our thriving community as we transform passion into fashion and dreams into success.

Learn How to Start a Permanent Jewelry Business of Your Own.

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