Learn How to Do Permanent Jewelry

September 1, 2023

In a world where fashion trends are always changing, there’s a timeless charm to permanent jewelry. It goes beyond a mere accessory; it represents a piece of your story, a cherished memory that you carry with you every day.

The recent surge in fascination with permanent jewelry has captivated jewelry enthusiasts everywhere, sparking curiosity for the possibility of creating their own lasting keepsakes. 

If you’re one of the many who want to learn how to do permanent jewelry, we’ve got exciting news for you: jBloom’s PermaLinx Starter Collection can make your dreams a reality.

The PermaLinx Phenomenon

Permanent jewelry speaks to our desire for pieces that become a part of us; our longing to express our inner beauty with something that lasts. Traditional methods for permanent jewelry require a big upfront investment in materials and equipment — it’s a hard industry to break into.

Now, imagine a technique that creates the same timeless beauty without all the complications. That’s how the team at jBloom invented PermaLinx: an accessible alternative to unwieldy welding practices. With a single secure link, your bracelets are sealed with the same strength and durability.

Timeless Elegance Meets Accessibility

Fine craftsmanship should be for everyone. That’s why the jBloom PermaLinx collection makes elegant use of stainless steel to provide long-term durability, tarnish resistance, and the same classic look. Whether you prefer the classic look of gold, the understated beauty of silver, or the enchanting blush of rose gold, you’ll find a piece that speaks to your style.

Becoming a permanent jewelry designer is now within reach — and best of all, you can take your shop with you anywhere. With PermaLinx, you have the freedom to create extraordinary works of art whenever and wherever someone is interested.

Learn How to Do Permanent Jewelry With the PermaLinx Kit

Here at jBloom, we believe it can be easy and fun to learn how to do permanent jewelry. Our PermaLinx Starter Kit can be your doorway to creating permanent treasures for yourself and those around you.

At just $175, the kit is affordable. Say goodbye to expensive upfront costs and hello to your very own jewelry business.

Inside your PermaLinx Starter Kit, you’ll find:

  • A versatile three-piece permanent jewelry tool set
  • 12 distinct permanent bracelet styles 
  • 20 additional PermaLinx jump rings
  • Four practice pieces to elevate your skills

Empower Your Creativity With jBloom

We recognize that starting your business entails more than just honing your craft; it involves nurturing your creativity and forging connections with individuals who share your passions. For a small monthly upkeep of $11.99, you can enjoy the benefits of jBloom’s Business Suite, complete with your own personal online shop. 

Ready to Learn How to Do Permanent Jewelry?

Here at jBloom, our mission is to make permanent jewelry available to everyone who dreams of expressing their inner beauty with something permanent. Join us as we strive to create meaningful relationships, treasured moments, and lasting beauty.

Today is the day to embrace your inner creativity and become a skilled PermaLinx designer right where you are. Discover the enchanting art of crafting timeless jewelry that will captivate hearts for generations to come.

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