how to start doing permanent jewelry

How to Start Doing Permanent Jewelry Right Now

September 7, 2023

Do you have a passion for jewelry and a desire to turn your creative talents into a successful business? Have you always wanted to learn how to start doing permanent jewelry of your own? 

Here at jBloom, we’ve got some good news for you: the wait is over! Starting right here and now, your journey to becoming a skilled jewelry designer begins.

Why jBloom?

Step into the enchanting realm of timeless, durable jewelry, where every piece weaves a tale and every design becomes someone’s cherished memory. The PermaLinx Starter Kit from jBloom offers an incredible opportunity for aspiring jewelry artisans to learn how to start doing permanent jewelry right from their own homes.

How to Start Doing Permanent Jewelry the jBloom Way

Picture yourself with the tools to craft jewelry that lasts, carrying with it a special memory for every wearer. Introducing PermaLinx, the permanent jewelry craft for everyone. jBloom’s innovative new method allows anyone to learn how to start doing permanent jewelry without an expensive upfront investment. 

It all hinges on a simple, secure link to create a seamless seal on every PermaLinx bracelet, anklet or necklace. Say goodbye to bulky, expensive, and dangerous welding equipment. With jBloom’s PermaLinx, permanent jewelry can finally be for everyone.

The PermaLinx Starter Kit

With jBloom, you’ll discover that learning how to do permanent jewelry is easier than you think. The PermaLinx starter collection from jBloom is tailored to empower you to make beautiful designs with a simple and elegant canvas. 

For only $175, you can step into a world of entrepreneurship and creativity as a jBloom Permanent Jewelry Designer.

So, what’s inside the PermaLinx starter collection? A few simple elements will pave the way as you hone your craft:

  • A versatile three-piece permanent jewelry tool set
  • 12 uniquely stylized PermaLinx chains
  • 20 extra PermaLinx jump rings
  • Four practice pieces to help you learn

Beyond these essential tools for creating permanent jewelry, the PermaLinx starter collection is your first step to opening a permanent jewelry business of your own. By the time you’ve sold the five bracelets included in your kit, you’ll have recouped your investment and begun profiting with a margin of up to 40% or more. This is your chance to transform your passion into a booming blooming business, one design at a time.

Your Very Own Permanent Jewelry Business

Your PermaLinx kit is only the beginning of your journey. You’ll also gain access to jBloom’s comprehensive business suite for just $11.99 per month. With this suite, you’ll have access to your very own online shop to help you connect with your community as the local jBloom PermaLinx designer.

Embrace your dream with jBloom’s PermaLinx starter collection. Every creation you make embodies your story, your dedication, and your passion for the art of wearable beauty.

Learn How to Start Doing Permanent Jewelry Today

With jBloom, you have the chance to make your mark on the world of wearable fashion. Unleash your creativity and learn how to start doing permanent jewelry of your own today. The journey is yours to craft. 

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