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January Deal: MORE Permanent Jewelry Bracelets

January 9, 2024

Are you running web searches for “permanent jewelry bracelet near me” and eager to dive headfirst into the world of everlasting, personal jewelry? NOW is the perfect time to get started. PermaLinx by jBloom allows you to both get Linx’d with stunning, permanent bracelets in your own community and create customized pieces for others.

In this blog post, we’ll learn about the new-and-improved PermaLinx starter collection, recently reworked to offer more beauty, more versatility, and more opportunities to jewelry lovers like you.

Introducing the NEW PermaLinx Starter Collection

The PermaLinx starter collection has undergone a change that aims to improve your crafting experience and unleash your creativity better than ever before — and make you more sales in the process. This full set costs only $175 and includes:

A PermaLinx Tote Bag: A fashionable carrying case for your tools and crafting materials.

Two Flat-Nose Pliers: two precision instruments, perfect for creating seamless links without a hitch.

One High-End Wire Cutter: a powerful tool made to ensure clean and precise cuts for a professional-looking finish.

20 Extra Jump Rings: A wealth of extra link materials to ensure you never run out on the job.

Four Practice Pieces: Four PermaLinx pieces designed for practice until you’re confident in your crafting skills.

12 PermaLinx Bracelets to Sell or Display: A diverse collection of bracelets to kickstart your personal business.

Free Training Resources: You’ll have access to all of the guidance you could ever need to launch your career as a PermaLinx designer.

January Exclusive: Extra PermaLinx Bracelets

As a special bonus for January, jBloom is excited to offer an extraordinary deal to designers who join the PermaLinx community this month. Sign up for your starter collection in the month of January and you’ll receive not just twelve, but fourteen PermaLinx permanent jewelry bracelets in your collection. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your journey with an expansive collection to really wow the jewelry lovers who come to you to upgrade their fashion accessories.

How to Seize the January Deal

To take advantage of our exclusive January deal, simply sign up as a new PermaLinx designer this month. The extra two bracelets will automatically be added to your starter collection, and you’ll have everything you need to build your personal business in 2024.

Create Permanent Jewelry Bracelets Near You

Whether you’re still looking for that “permanent jewelry bracelet near me” or want to be the designer to bring PermaLinx to your community, we’ve got all the tools you need. Visit us online to order your starter collection to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

Show your creativity, tell your story, and let your journey as a permanent jewelry professional begin. The time is now — collect, create, and connect with PermaLinx today.

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