Are there monthly fees?

Yes, every new Designer receives the first 30 DAYS FREE. Their first payment will be the 1st of the month following their 30 days free.

For example: If a Designer joins Oct. 20, they will receive 30 days free (until Nov. 20) then they will receive their first website fee charge on Dec. 1. To change your subscription at any time, you can call the office at 636-922-3853.

The $16.99 per month option includes your personal website, virtual office and a bimonthly newsletter to you and your customers. Each of these will help you grow your business! Your clients and all on your contact list will receive the bimonthly newsletter (as if it were coming from you) containing up-to-date information on specials, rewards, and advantages of hosting a boutique.

The $11.99 option does not include the monthly newsletter to you and your customers. It includes your website and back office.

ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS come with the jBloom app to help you share your business and provide you with great content.