Can We Move Orders to a Boutique?

  • What orders can be moved into a boutique? The only ones we are allowed to move are “Event Shopping Cart” orders and “Business Website” orders.
  • What order CANNOT be moved into a boutique? Any orders placed in your virtual back office. Ship to Hostess orders cannot be accessed as they are not completely submitted.  You will have to either re-enter yourself or have your customer re-enter as a Direct Ship.  You will need their CC info if you re-enter for them.  And we suggest deleting the first order before entering the second order.  This can be done by clicking on “My Boutiques” then clicking on the pencil to the right.  Then to the right of the customer’s name you will see that one order was placed.  Click on the blue plus on the left of their name and a trash can will populate.  Click the trash can and it will ask if you are you sure you want to delete.  Click “Yes”.