Here are some very simple steps to clarify the use of custom images.

  1. If it is your personal design and you want to share it with others… please feel free too.
  2. If it is a design you see online, you can’t just screen shot it and use it. You must get permission. If you don’t know where to get permission then simply don’t use it.
  3. If you see a design you like and take inspiration from it and create something New… go for it. Change it up and make it your own.  Once you do that. Share it freely.
  4. If you PURCHASE the design, that is awesome!  Use it per the rights they give you. However, because you purchased it, does NOT mean you can share it with others unless they allow you too. Copyrighted logos purchased from Etsy are typically for personal use only, not for commercial use and we are a commercial vendor.

Follow these simple 4 steps and it should cover most all issues.

REMEMBER when you check the box having permission on the image that means you have followed all of the steps above.

However, I want to be clear on one thing above on photographs.  Per our Bloom call, using our new option to help people and give them a personal design IS totally ok. It is important how it is done.  If you private message them something you can do using an App on their picture is a great way to give something special to someone. Obviously you would not post it on Facebook for the world to see but a personal message can mean a lot to someone. Of course no one App is perfect but for most non tech people the pencil app does create some of the better conversions. Checking the preview is the MOST important thing.

Hopefully this clears up most confusion and keeps it as simple as possible.