As we all know, the FTC is getting much more stringent on earning and health claims in all industries. jBloom and the DSA take this very seriously as we never want to mislead any customer or potential Designer.

  • Bottom Line…..  If it is NOT TYPICAL OF A NORMAL DESIGNER then the income claim should not be said.  Even if it IS your personal story.
  • Those claims should not be posted on Social Media.

The key phrases often used that need to be NOT USED are:

  • Unlimited Income Opportunity
  • Replace a Full Time Income
  • Or even you can earn X a month.

These are not able to be proven as done by Every Designer.

The Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council & BBB National Programs will be providing an updated Guidance on Claims soon.  Once that is updated and released we will add it to this bulletin for your reference.

Thank you for taking these income claims seriously so we can be the best of the best in our Industry.