jBloom 1099

All designers earning a 1099 from jBloom should have received it via email.  It would have come from “Tax1099support.”

If you received only 1 email… You are good to go.  No need to read further and you can use that for your tax purposes.

The vast majority of designers received a form 1099-NEC.  This shows the amount of commissions paid to the designers.

10 designers received a from 1099-MISC because they had no reportable commissions (Less than $600) but they had volume of greater than $5,000.  So no amount was shown on their 1099-MISC but the Box 7 was checked on this form.

If you are a Designer that received only 1 email mentioned above you are set and no need to read further.  Use that for your tax purposes.

If you earned an Award trip (2022 Cancun or 2021 Leadership) you will have received 3 emails.  This only affected 81 designers.

Unfortunately due to our mistake, some designers had an incorrect amount shown on the INITIAL form of 1099-NEC.  This is because the value of trips that the designers earned were shown on the 1099-NEC form together.   This trip value should be shown on form 1099-MISC.

So any designer who earned the 2022 Mexico trip or the 2021 San Antonio Trip will receive another 1099-NEC AND a form 1099-MISC.

The 1099-NEC will show your commissions paid

The 1099-MISC will show your Awards Value.

The correct 1099-NEC amount will be less than the original amount when comparing the two 1099-NEC forms.

The second 2 emails are the correct ones.  Delete the original email as that is not correct.

If you have any specific questions feel free to email Scott and jBloom at scott@jbloomdesigns.com

DON’T FORGET – The instructions for opening the password protected forms are:

If you have provided recipient emails, Tax1099 will send them an email. Upon receipt of the email, they must click the link inside the email to accept electronic delivery and see a copy of their 1099 in order for it to be considered accepted delivery. If they have not accepted delivery by email by 5:00pm on January 29th, we will be mailing a copy to them to ensure we meet the deadline, and a $2 per mailed form handling fee will be added to your invoice. Tax1099 will email them from support@tax1099.comPlease inform your recipients about their 1099s being sent to them from Tax1099 and to check their spam folders if they have not received the email after 24 hours from when you replied with approval OR the above stated deadline for responding with approval.


Tax1099 includes instructions for opening up the 1099 copy within the email itself, but for your reference it is the first four letters of the business name (or name) and the last four of the EIN (or SSN). The way their name appears on the email itself will help with figuring out which to use.  


For example: Dear Jones, Samantha would suggest the “name” is jone for password purposes.

Additionally, if a taxpayer ID was not given to us, Tax1099 will not require a password for the email to be opened.