Want to make the shopping experience even more simple for your customers? Use the Cart Links feature that is NEW to your back office. Cart Links Training Video
  1. Log in to your back office.
  2. Click on Cart Links.
  3. Click on add new link.
  4. Give the link a title. Examples could be the current month’s customer special or your favorites or the customer’s name you are building the cart for.
  5. Type the ID or product name, select it and add the Quantity.
  6. Add any other items.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Copy the provided link and share it in email or text with your customers.
    • If your customer is wanting a custom design on an item in the cart, include the file in your email or text for them to simply add to the customizable piece that is in their cart link.
    • All personalized pieces will have to be personalized by the customer – you can only add product to the cart at this time, not personalization.