NEW Recruiting Brochure

Perfect Purse sized brochure to hand out to Potential New Designers.  A great tool to plant the seed of joining jBloom.

  • Item Code – S-RECRUITBR
  • Designer Cost – Only $1
  • Purchase them on a Boutique, Customer, Event Shopping and Supplies order.
  • An electronic Flip Chart version of this Brochure is also available on YOUR WEBSITE on the Join Page.

    You have your own online Recruiting Brochure ON YOUR WEBSITE.  You can share it directly off your website with this link below.

    Take this link

    Add YOUR DESIGNER NUMBER where the XXX’s are and it will take them to YOUR Brochure on YOUR website.

  • Share the link to your own personal Flip Chart version in your online events or via Text or App chat.
  • We have also added a copy to every new Starter Collection