Official Leads Distribution Policy Update 2023

Designers who Join under the Company Website

If someone joins on the company website with NO CONNECTION to any Designer, they will be assigned a leader based on the below order.


1. Company will pull all with TITLE GOLD+ on January 2, 2023

2. Company will sort this list by PERSONAL SALES July 2022 – Dec 2022 Highest to Lowest

3. Company will distribute these new Designers from Top to Bottom on List

4. Must go all the way thru the list, then repeat from Top to Bottom again.

JULY 2023

1. Pull all with TITLE GOLD+ on JULY 2, 2023

2. Rank by PERSONAL SALES Jan 2023 – June 2023 Highest to Lowest

3. Cross off any names of leaders who have already received a team member from previous 6 months distribution (unless entire list has been given one)

4. Distribute Company Sign ups from Top to Bottom on List

5. Must go all the way thru List, then repeat from Top to Bottom again.

A Designer will receive no more than 1 Lead over a 12 month period (Jan – Dec) until everyone on the list has received a lead.

Repeat each year on same timing.


INQUIRIES: Customers who email the company or inquire off the main website

Any request to the company for Information on Purchasing, Hosting or the Business.

We will use the same Structure for “INQUIRIES” coming into the company as with new sign ups. If we receive an “INQUIRY” for more info, we will send them out based on this same format. If a Designer receives a NEW SIGN UP, that will also count as an INQUIRY. (But an inquiry will not count as a sign up.)


Changes to “FIND A DESIGNER” on the jBloom Website

With the growth of PermaLinx, some customers are looking for Designers in their local areas; therefore, we have expanded and updated the search option on our corporate jBloom website.

When a customer clicks on FIND A DESIGNER and enters their information, a list of Designers will be identified based on ZIP CODE.

Designers included in the search must meet the following criteria:

  • QUALIFIED Designer (or higher)
  • Sold $250+ PV in the Previous Month