2020 1099’s will be going out this week or early next week.  They will be sent VIA EMAIL to your email address in the system.  They will come from our provider which is “TAX1099” so make sure you check your Junk email over the next 2-3 days as well.

Remember – we only send 1099’s to those who Purchased over $5000 OR received commission deposits from jBloom of $600 or more.

Due to the Change in Laws, you could receive 2 different emails

  • The 1099-MISC  form will be received by designers who purchased $5,000 or more product from us.
  • The 1099-NEC form will be received by designers who received commission checks from us from Jan 1, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020 totaling more than $600.

The forms will be password protected using the below rules:

Use the first 4 letters that come after the word ‘Dear…. ‘ in the top of the email in lowercase letters and add the last 4 numbers of your SSN or EIN.  It is normally the first name (or business name) and is based on how their name was entered in the profile for their form. If that combo does not work then it means there was a typo in the number and they will need to contact the Payer to get it fixed and to be able to open the form.  Note:  for Security reasons we do NOT ever provide that information to the Recipient. We can offer the tips as mentioned above but can’t provide the password to them

If you have any Tax questions you can refer to the video below.  PLEASE NOTE – this is from past years so disregard the info about the 1099’s.

The other info will be helpful in getting your tax #’s.

If you have any questions please call

Bret Bonacorsi