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Jewelry Welder Kit Vs. the PermaLinx Starter Collection

October 16, 2023

In recent years, the art of permanent jewelry crafting has undergone some serious change. Traditional techniques have long relied on specialized equipment like jewelry welder kits. For years, these tools have been essential for creating clean and secure connections for lasting permanent jewelry.

Today, however, the PermaLinx starter collection by jBloom is challenging the need for conventional equipment. In this blog post, we’ll compare tradition to innovation to see exactly why the PermaLinx revolution is taking the jewelry world by storm.

Traditional Jewelry Welder Kit: The Pros and Cons

Traditional jewelry crafting involves the use of jewelry welder kits, which come in a few different forms. They use a variety of techniques, such as welding and soldering, to carefully connect metal components with remarkable precision. 

Though these kits are known for their precision and durability, it’s important to note that they come with their fair share of advantages and challenges.

The Pros

Precision — Jewelry welder kits are known for their high precision, allowing artisans to create intricate jewelry connections. With these tools, designers can produce beautifully crafted pieces that showcase real skill and attention to detail.

Durability — The connections made by welding are strong and durable, making these techniques a solid solution for permanent jewelry creators.

The Cons

Expenses — The cost of a jewelry welder kit can be quite high, making it a serious financial barrier to new and prospective creators.

Training — When it comes to using a jewelry welder kit, it’s important to have the right skills and training. This requires a great deal of practice and experience, which can be overwhelming for beginners.

Safety Risks — There are a few serious safety risks involved with handling high-temperature equipment. Caution is vital for avoiding damage to the jewelry or injury to yourself or your customers.

Workspace — A jewelry welder kit typically requires a dedicated workspace to ensure the right environmental conditions, which can make it impractical to use anywhere else.

PermaLinx: Crafting Made Simple

The PermaLinx starter collection represents the latest innovation in the world of permanent jewelry. This kit is designed to simplify the process with the essential tools and materials you’ll need to create stunning, permanent jewelry without the challenges that come with a jewelry welder kit.

Advantages of the PermaLinx Starter Collection:


While jewelry welder kits can be costly, the PermaLinx starter collection provides a more budget-friendly option, allowing beginners to get started without an overwhelming investment. 


While jewelry welder kits demand years of experience, the PermaLinx starter collection is user-friendly and accessible for beginners and pros alike.


PermaLinx tools are designed to prioritize safety by eliminating the need for high-temperature equipment. Instead, the securable link mechanism works with a steady hand and a simple yet effective toolset.


The PermaLinx starter collection is perfect for those who need portability for their permanent jewelry craft. With all the tools you need already included, you can create beautiful jewelry wherever you go. 


PermaLinx uses a secure link mechanism to provide the same level of durability and strength as traditional welding methods, all without the typical challenges.

Embrace the Future of Jewelry Crafting With PermaLinx

As the competition rages on, it’s plain to see why PermaLinx is revolutionizing the industry, one designer at a time. This innovative new tool allows people of all skill levels and budgets to explore the art of jewelry crafting like never before. 

Embrace your passion, launch your business, and discover the career in jewelry you’ve been waiting for. Leave behind the complications and costs of traditional equipment — become a PermaLinx designer today. 

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