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Should You Invest in a Permanent Jewlery Welder?

October 23, 2023

Are you searching for a permanent jewelry welder to achieve your career goals in the fashion industry? Rather than spending tons of money on a permanent jewelry welder that excludes training, consider investing in the starter collection from PermaLinx

What Do You Really Need to Get Started?

When you order your starter collection from PermaLinx, you will receive the tools you need and other resources to help make your business a success. Get everything you need to start your permanent jewelry business for only $175, including: 

  • Four practice bracelets to develop your skills
  • Two flat nose pliers to connect bracelets for clients
  • One high-end cutter to make sure each piece of jewelry is the perfect fit
  • 20 extra jump rings for any surprise situations
  • 12 styles of bracelets for you to share on display for your customers 

Purchasing a PermaLinx starter collection also gives you access to other valuable business benefits, such as: 

Training and Mentorship

The starter collection from PermaLinx supplies you with the tools and training you need to start your business. With our team’s help and guidance, you will be able to run your business effectively and have a go-to resource for all your questions. 

You will also be connected with a veteran designer who will walk you through the enrollment process. During the hands-on training, you’ll learn that success is possible through PermaLinx without prior sales experience or expensive equipment like a permanent jewelry welder.

Professional User-Friendly Website 

Every business owner needs a website to help them stay connected to their customers and broaden their service area. PermaLinx supplies each designer with their own website and helps maintain it for only $11.99 per month (with an optional newsletter for an additional $4.99 per month). Designers can sell and track orders as well as get access to the PermaLinx catalog. 

When Can You Start Selling Jewelry?

Once you have completed your training and feel confident in your skills, you can start selling permanent jewelry right away. As a PermaLinx designer, you will be able to choose how to run your business based on your preferences. Whether you like a one-on-one sales approach, the let’s-have-a-party method, or a combination of both, jBloom gives you plenty of options.

Depending on how you want to engage with clients, you can choose to host a PermaLinx boutique or one-on-one appointments. Boutiques are parties where you get to showcase the PermaLinx collection to multiple guests at once. PermaLinx boutiques can last anywhere between 1 and 2 hours, which will vary based on the number of attendees. Individual appointments take about 15 minutes total, with about 3 to 6 minutes set aside for putting on the jewelry properly. 

Beautiful Jewelry Without a Permanent Jewelry Welder

Making permanent jewelry can be fun and a great business opportunity. When you partner with PermaLinx, you become a part of a community of entrepreneurs. Get started with your business with the help of PermaLinx’s starter collection. 

Ready to get started? Submit your contact form here to order your starter collection.

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