Orion permanent jewelry welder alternative

The Orion Permanent Jewelry Welder’s Compelling Alternative

November 1, 2023

When it comes to the art of jewelry crafting, precision and innovation are absolutely essential. Creating permanent jewelry has historically relied on traditional methods that require extensive training and the use of complex equipment. Among these professional tools, the Orion permanent jewelry welder has gained a reputation for its precision and versatility.

Still, as the practice evolves, the needs of aspiring designers and entrepreneurs also change. That’s why we’re proud to introduce PermaLinx, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for today’s designers who appreciate the importance of simplicity, affordability, and the ability to work on the go.

The Orion Permanent Jewelry Welder

The Orion permanent jewelry welder is an impressive tool, appreciated by seasoned professionals and established jewelers alike. With its exceptional precision, this technique is ideal for skilled artisans who have dedicated years to perfecting their craft. In short, it’s a tool for professionals.

This advanced welding system employs advanced pulse arc welding technology to create carefully controlled welds with minimal heat impact. When you’re working with high heat and delicate components, it’s crucial to maintain precision to ensure both you and your product remain undamaged.

While the Orion welder’s reputation is well earned, it comes with a cost. Masterful operation of this equipment calls for thorough training, and its cost can pose a challenge for aspiring designers. The complexity and investment of the Orion permanent jewelry welder make it a tool better suited for those who have already established themselves in the industry.

PermaLinx: The Ideal Solution for the Modern Designer

Now more than ever, flexibility is crucial to the art of permanent jewelry. Many up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs are looking for a solution to meet their needs on the move, allowing them to tap into their creativity and build their brand wherever business leads them.

Affordable, Accessible, Effective

The PermaLinx starter collection has been thoughtfully crafted to cater to the needs of young and contemporary designers. It offers a cost-effective and convenient opportunity to kickstart your journey as a professional jewelry artist, free from the complications of traditional methods.

Here’s what the PermaLinx starter collection includes:

  • A versatile three-piece permanent jewelry tool set
  • 12 distinct permanent bracelet styles
  • 20 additional PermaLinx jump rings
  • Four practice pieces to hone your skills
  • One tote bag to carry your supplies on the go
  • Training for both PermaLinx craft and sales
  • A full FREE month of your own online business suite

The On-the-Go Advantage

PermaLinx is the perfect option for the newest generation of designers, for whom flexibility is the name of the game. You can create beautiful pieces of jewelry using a secure link system, convenient and safe to use anywhere you go.

The Future of Permanent Jewelry Crafting

While the Orion permanent jewelry welder is still a safe bet for experienced professionals with big budgets, PermaLinx is blazing exciting new trails for young jewelry designers. 

If you’re at the beginning of your journey or searching for a more convenient and flexible option, PermaLinx is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Join the movement and become a permanent jewelry designer today.

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