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What Comes With a Permanent Jewelry Kit?

October 6, 2023

Starting a new business in the fashion industry takes hard work and dedication. PermaLinx by jBloom simplifies that process with a high-quality permanent jewelry kit. You can take the next step in your career confidently when you partner with PermaLinx.

The Appeal of Permanent Jewelry 

People of all ages are intrigued by permanent jewelry. Unlike common jewelry that can be purchased in stores, permanent jewelry is timeless and resilient. You can take away your clients’ stress of forgetting or losing their favorite pieces or of the metals changing colors or fading. Permanent jewelry from PermaLinx is also travel-friendly and goes through security without issue for those flying in the future.

Permanent Jewelry Kit From PermaLinx 

When you invest in your permanent jewelry kit, PermaLinx provides you with all the essentials to help you succeed in your new jewelry business. At just $175, the starter collection provides you with everything you need to start your new career, including:

Business Website 

jBloom provides each of our designers with their own website to stay connected with their customers and make ordering as easy as possible. It costs only $11.99 a month, and for an additional $4.99, we will send out a monthly newsletter to your customers. As an added benefit, the first month’s costs of your website are free. 

Permanent Jewelry Tools 

The permanent jewelry kit made by PermaLinx comes with all of the tools you need in order to get your business started. The tools that can be found in the starter collection include: 

  • Four practice bracelets to hone your skills
  • 20 extra jump rings in case of any surprises
  • 12 different styles of bracelets to showcase for your customers
  • One high-quality cutter to prepare jewelry for customers
  • Two flat-nose pliers to connect your permanent jewelry collection

Setting Up Your Appointments and Boutiques 

PermaLinx boutiques are social events that connect you with your customers and provide a fun environment for their shopping experience. Depending on the number of people in attendance, boutique events last about one to two hours. 

One-on-one appointments are also a great approach to growing your permanent jewelry business. It takes between three to six minutes to put on a bracelet, and personal appointments last around 15 minutes each. 

Starting Your Business With PermaLinx by jBloom

Are you ready to take the next step in your career and start your own business? PermaLinx has made that process much more straightforward, thanks to our permanent jewelry kit. Once you sell your first five bracelets, you will have already made back your initial investment.

Submit your information through the form here in order to get started with your starter collection. We will connect you with a current designer to help you get enrolled in your free training course. Bloom into your new jewelry career with PermaLinx.

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